Saturday, March 6, 2010



Governments have to be flexible and adjust constantly. Saying that, politicians are amateurs and the way forward is not always clear to them, or smooth. Nor in Belize are our bureaucrats too swift in the mental department. They talk the academic talk of bureaucrats, but rarely seem to understand; cause and effect plus consequences of their recommendations. That is the opinion I’ve formed.
The UDP party rag had this FINANCIAL ARTICLE front page headlined this weekend. I looked for some serious meat, but didn’t find it. I would certainly award the UDP on their report card some points for eliminating the nonsense of CUSTOMS DECLARATIONS when leaving, or entering the country for the amount of money you are carrying. That is self defeating, copycatted from the USA. We don’t have a BIG BROTHER POLICE STATE like the USA and there is no need to copy everything they do. This law, or regulation is a hinderance to the open society we need for economic expansion in our small SOVEREIGN country. To compete with the G -20, we have to have a more OPEN and FREE WHEELING economic society here.
In the BIG PICTURE we need more FREEDOM of economic activity. It is self defeating that people have to smuggle their own money to PANAMA and Montevideo, in order to carry out financial activities of an economic nature.
There is much ballyhoo from the USA about money laundering and drug trafficking. These are THEIR problems, not ours. We may be an intransit country, but these two items by the G – 7 and G- 20 are more about controlling the economy of competing states and market share wars, than the obvious propaganda they feed us. It is smoke and mirrors WAR. Our bureaucrats and politicians should realize as a SOVEREIGN country, we need more economic activity through FREEDOM and OPENNESS. Things need to be loosened up in the FINANCIAL arena here. Why should Belizean business have to go to such elaborate complicated money exchange and saving regimes through other countries, in order to build their own businesses and our economy at the same time?
Good article in the newspapers this weekend on how the G – 7 and particularly the USA destroyed HAITI, by destroying their Chicken and egg indigenous business, the cattle and meat business, the milk and dairy business, and rice business in Haiti. Haiti lost it’s sovereignty and freedom to protect their internal economic growth in particular; to the WORLD BANK and the IMF policies pushing G -2 and G- 20 economic war on third world countries. Well established articles on the internet and movies on tv about THAT!
The point of this local newspaper research is that our POLITICIANS and particularly our SENIOR BUREAUCRATS have to realize that our economic laws and sovereignty, should ALWAYS take precedence over what the G -20,the G – 7, the USA and the EU countries individually recommend to us. We must FIGHT, to grow self reliant and that will mean refusing the logic and blandishments put on our government people, by foreign governments and institutions. BELIZE SHOULD ALWAYS COME FIRST!

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