Monday, March 8, 2010

Belize to offer locals shares in BTL in MAY???


The rumor mill has it that the Government of Belize which nationalized Ashcroft's majority shareholdings in BTL, the telephone company, one of two, will offer shares to Belizeans sometime in May, 2010.
The wife and I talked about it. We decided if the shares are fairly valued and offered, we would invest our savings of $100,000 Bz. in BTL shares. Everything depends on the prospectus?
We would also like enough time to consider the prospectus! Say a few weeks. We would be looking for things like P/E ratio ( price earnings ), Book Value of the assets, debt to revenue ratios, and the usually plethora OF RATIOS and statistics, of any reported company like BTL for investment. Equivalent to New York Stock Exchange reporting rules. The price of the shares is critical. It will have to be consistant in the asking price with our own evaluation of the value of the shares.
At the moment based on the recent dividend payout versus earnings, all the data we have on the company of BTL, the share offering should probably lie between .50 cents and a $1.00 Belize currency per share. There was some talk about bids having to be in USA currency. I don't know where they think Belizeans are going to get foreign exchange, when the access to foreign exchange is heavily controlled by the government in this country of Belize?
We are disappointed at the recent cut in interest rates on our CD's at Atlantic Bank, we are sort of looking at alternative investments in Belize, or even outside of Belize. We lived off the interest, so we would hope to live off the dividends of BTL, if that is practical. If it is not practical then we will not invest. In the past this was supposedly eminently practical at 18% and more, dividend payouts for BTL. Inflation eats up most of our Bank CD interest rate in Belize and since the bank interest cut, inflation eats it all up. We are losing value in our savings which is worrisome for old retired folks.

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