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Beth ( editor )

I do think the debate on here about the Fisheries license needs to be summed up and printed in your publication. I like what I'm reading here.

Also I would like to see an article with photographs of how Running W are making those sausages they sell and I love for breakfast. It would be an educational article giving hopefully other people ideas of entrepreneurial businesses. I think whether or not they are going to export them should be mentioned.
There are many pepperonis in the USA. My all time favorite is BRIDGEFORT PEPPERONI, ( in the USA ) which is mildly hot. I'm not sure if this is smoked sausage or not? I am certainly slavering at the mouth to get a Belizean equivalent. I would suspect that if one dried habenero peppers in a dehydrator, or over a fire, and then ground the pepper into a powder and sprinkled same into the regular sausage that was then smoked so it had a shelf like in normal room temperatures, you would have a big export market. Anyway an article on how to do it, what it would take and so forth.
I make my own small quantities of beef jerky and just wish somebody would make it, so I don't have to. I use a sandwich plastic bag and slice $5 of beef every couple of weeks or so and then soak the slices of beef overnight or two, with my concoction of herbs, then microwave the strips. Usually I eat the whole darn thing in two days quickly as snacks. Be nice to smoke some too! Though that is beyond my ken.

I think your AG Report quarterly needs to get some portion of articles into the processing end of the agriculture business. That is were the eventual money will be. Would like to see an article of how they make the chicken packages they are selling locally in the Chinese stores. I constantly have chicken breasts and sausages in my freezer. Like them for breakfast. We have a kind of grill, you set over a one burner butane hot plate type thing to do them with. Though often I just fry mine mostly in the frying pan with coconut oil.

There should be an article on the PROCESSED FOOD DISTRIBUTORS in BELIZE that are buying processed cottage industry products and putting their brand name labels on stuff ( like jams, yogurts ). If you push that there are distributors, or buyers of cottage industry processed and packaged food products, there is bound to be an economic surge as a new generation take up the ideas. Lets have a detailed article on who the current distributors are and in which foreign countries they are exporting. I've heard them complain they can't get any local entrepreneurial people to produce goods for export.

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