Friday, March 26, 2010


BELIZE APPRENTICESHIP EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE STILL FAILS TO BE IMPLEMENTED AFTER YEARS OF TRYING. It is believed the bureaucracy don't want to be bothered with it? The politicians are not serious, and the money they budget for it, is tapped for other priorities they have in a stagnant economy.

Had a nice chat with the head of the ITVET ( community college ) here in San Ignacio.
Asking him about his students doing practical entrepreneurial assignments for build a battery charging generator I have drawn up plans for. Told him I would pay for the materials if they the students would build it under my supervision. As an experimental pilot project, it needs the cheapest materials to be just functional and prove the concept of the design as measured at the battery. He said their community college courses were more structured than that, but would talk to the electrical teacher. Told him a successful pilot experiment would lead to using better materials and marketing for export. I don't want to export, but any entrepreneurial student would jump at a big Central American market. I think this is seemingly outside of academic education? From the reaction I got.
Also talked about the $1 million apprenticeship program PM BARROW was touting in the parliament sitting. He said, ( at the ITVET ) they had been approached in years past, but private sector people did not want to teach and supervise and then there was the problem of finding staff to go and check on students.
Told him I could do it for my own project. Told him, only one in 20 applicants have the skill and aptitude to learn the intricacies and disciplines of Option Hedging operations. Lot of lingo, specialist jargon involved to learn. Nothing is hard and clear cut. Lot of variables and the intuitive senses have to be trained to respond to stimuli, like learning a musical instrument, or becoming a successful athlete. For an apprentice program learner, the successful one, would be hired after one year. Or they would then have the requisite skills to do it on their own in an entrepreneurial business. Trouble is; finding that person with the aptitude. He asked about age. I said the only requirements were two years high school, for the math and being able to do percentages and ratios in your head while working to round rough numbers. Typing skill, an interest in the learning. Other than that it is a regular job routine. Right now with the time zones it is 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. All computer work. Periods of boredom, interspersed by nail biting anxiety and panic.
He said, the government was having trouble funding supervision of an apprenticeship program. He had suggested they pay 3 times the cost of the salary to employer to government. Like they do in Trinidad. Unfortunately, when he said 'employer', my eyes glazed over and my hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, straight up. I don't want to employ anybody, nor do any bookkeeping, or social security stuff withdrawals, issue any cheques or payments. My business is over the internet in the CBOE ( Chicago Options Exchange ) Direct line to the trading floor pits. Brokers handle the middle man business end of it, and taxes are a straight 28% tax at the end of the year on the NET profit in the USA. After balances for profit and losses are figured out. Clean business, no government involvement. The mioddle man brokers do all the government paper work stuff. Told the ITVET that I would train an apprentice, and indeed am looking for one. But paying one out of my own pocket for a year is out of the question. There are too many variables and someone who quits, is no good to you, nor is anyone who can't learn. The learning is by hands on experience and measured by performance as in profit and loss balances. You either have the aptitude skill, or you don't. Only one in 20 are any good at it. I'm looking for that pearl among the gravel stones.
The apprenticeship program bogged down in years past, by the Belmopan bureaucrats, over who and how will the apprentice get paid and who would accept responsibility for deductions like social security and stuff. I can do the work office routine, the supervision and training and even submit a monthly report. I cannot accept any responsibility for employing anyone. In my world, everything is contract workers by job, not by payroll. Dont' do anything requiring another layer of bureaucracy and red tape. Can't afford the cost in time, of such stuff.
Teaching somebody is okay. Somebody in the government has to run the payroll part responsibilities. I'm not interested in getting paid for teaching. I'm just looking for a person who has the natural skill to be a trader for profit. Using Hedging Options. The financial business. You give somebody a $100,000 to trade, you sure don't want to be dealing with union rules, or labor codes, or salaries. Though shares, or drawdowns, or bonuses on performance are appropriate. Apparently this is a different world than the bureaucratic mentality fit in, with their rigid structures of civil service. The financial world is performance based only. You lose too much money, your gone baby! You do good, you get a fat bonus at Xmas.

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Don Pablo said...


Always interesting to read your articles, particularly this one.

I've had a lot of youngsters ask me about teaching them to make items from glass but few can afford my hourly rate to cover the cost of materials.

Th people I do teach are mostly tourists who want some experience and exposure to glass and they pay for the day's work.

Best regards,

(from over the river)