Thursday, March 4, 2010



I've received several emails confirming this.

From Mary Toy in tourism in Placentia.

e.g.: As one who books in the future - bookings picked up for a couple of weeks in February – a lot. In fact, I had my biggest day ever (in 12 years) one day in February. March will be a very good month for guides and tour operators. April ok. May maybe ok. Advance bookings beyond May not that great except for places like Victoria House and Chaa Creek – akin to bookings in 2007 in August. Hopefully will pick up in October again. Doing a smidgen better than in 2009, would like to stay even, but not close to 2008 and way off from 2007. You have to consider the different strata of businesses in Belize. I don’t see 2010 as being all that much better than 2009 in the long run.

Airline tickets bought last November at cheap specials for this March are paying off for regular tourists now. My friend Charlie has been coming down every month to get out of the snow and blizzard and work on his vacation house here in Western Belize. He buys bargains in airline tickets, way ahead. Looks for specials which are very short lived offerings on the internet.

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