Monday, November 8, 2010


A cannery is needed in Belize. We have to import cans and glass bottles, which puts the price up on local food processing preparations. As a small country the ability to export processed food depends a lot on the packaging. We lack a aluminum cannery, for beer, coconut water, different wines, food products of many kinds.
Orlando Harrison says he gets orders for up to 5 containers of food processed products per week. He cannot however fill those orders. We lack the containers in the country. Nor is the local small country production that big either.
A cannery for aluminum containers, that was small enough to produce cans for local producers up to 5 containers a week, would be perfect as a small family investment in Belize. Presuming you had different food products, perhaps an expansion to 50 containers in a canning factory might be worthwhile. I don´t know if they make such small scale machinery anywhere? Certainly the investment opportunity is there.
There exists already one injection molding machine producing plastic bottles for Coca Cola factory locally.

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