Saturday, November 13, 2010



TV interviewer with PM BARROW hints at CORRUPTION BY PM BARROW again! The media interview was about replacing some kind of Chief Justice, or President of the Supreme Court, or whatever the games the BAR ASSOCIATION play down in that crazy port town on the coast of Belize. What it finally came down to, is the likelihood that Prime Minister Dean Barrow will choose from only two Belizean candidates and one of them is apparently his son. Oh my!

PRIME MINISTER BARROW DID SAY THE MAJORITY OF THE BAR ASSOCIATION LAWYERS ARE POLITICAL PUP LAWYERS. Therefore the unsaid statement was that anything coming from the BAR ASSOCIATION members was politically biased. I wondered why he brought it up? The only thing I can think of, is the current court case against Louise Young his ex-wife and Nestor Vasquez his puppet. Glen Tillet has filed a case for FRAUD against the two persons, involving $50 million in Social Security funds. They broke the law and did so deliberately and presumably on Prime Minister Barrow's orders and under his party protection? One does not think they would do this on their own?
The port town Supreme Court SOAP OPERA continues to be live entertainment for the port town media. ( the old one time colonial capital. )

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