Friday, November 26, 2010

Citrus Greening solved in Florida - in Belize they are not keeping up with changing technology.

MAURY BOYD of Florida, a citrus grower shows Agriculture Department and other growers up in Florida how to deal with Citrus Greening.

Considering our own Agriculture Department don´t have a clue on this subject yet, as they are recommending standard cut and destroy tree policies, it behooves somebody in the bureaucracy at Central Farm to go up there and learn first hand. Buy your selection of person a plane ticket Mr. Prime Minister and send him up there. Better than throwing our tax money at the BSI Factory.

Maury Boyd has 400 acres of Valencia citrus in Florida. He refused to destroy his trees because he was infected with Citrus Greening. World experts from all over the world are visiting him to see what he has done. ( except Belize Central Farm )

Back in 2005 and 2006 the bureaucrats up in Florida sounded the DEATH CERTIFICATE for his 400 acres. Maury proved them DEAD WRONG! The infected trees are still bearing good crops. He believed in nutrition and found adding boron and Turf Pro helped for instance. He also is a proponent of psyllid control. This means pesticides but he has since moved away from that and has gone to a psyllid-repellent system based on dimethyl disulfide ( DMDS ). This is used on GUAVA trees previously.
What you are looking at is a spray system, computer controlled through the orchid. The system is used to add soil nutrients as well. You want a more complete article, read the BELIZE AG REPORT, ISSUE 9, out in November this year 2010. Or contact Dr. Thomas Mathew of Golden Stream Spice Farm/Botanical Gardens inthe Toledo District.


Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

This misinformation is very concerning.

Firstly, Citrus Greening, also known as HLB, has not been solved in Florida. Leaders in Florida are very concerned about the future of citrus production in that US State. There are many articles expressing this concern that can be found through a simple internet search.

Secondly, members of the Agriculture Department, the Belize Agricultural Health Authority and staff at the Citrus Research & Education Institute (of the Citrus Growers Association) in Dangriga are very aware of the work on Maury Boyd's grove. We have been in contact with those who are collecting the data from the same groves.

For more information contact one of the following:

Stephen Williams, Research Director, Citrus Research & Education Institute and Vice Chair of the National HLB Task Force - 522 3535
Francisco Gutierrez, Plant Health Director of the Belize Agricultural Health Authority and Chair of the National HLB Task Force – 824 4899
Veronica Manzanero Majil, Belize Citrus Improvement Coordinator, Citrus Research & Education Institute – 522 3535

Maybe the administrator of this site could contact me (Stephen Williams) and I would be very willing to provide some up to date information on the role of nutrition in manging HLB which could be published on this blog.