Thursday, November 25, 2010

The PUP regarded as a gang of criminals?

Civil Servants in a secret private meeting OFF THE RECORD lament the system of government we have in Belize!

There was an hour's confab on the political system of our government and the way it does not operate to the benefit of the country. Essentially all present agreed that the the political system is nothing more than an elected 5 year dictatorship
Corrections were discussed. Among which an elected SENATE was one item on a staggered basis to the representative elections. The party system as it exists is nothing but a gang of thieves, led by the gang leader, called the Party Leader, who automatically becomes DICTATOR of the country for five years. Even the gang members ( elected representatives ) are subject to the whims of the gang leader, or will suffer cash penalties. This is a one man ruled government. Nobody present liked it. Another general agreement was that the Opposition party, the PUP were even a worse gang of thieves and until they get another generation of representatives, they stand no chance of getting into office again. The current PUP gang being regarded widely as criminals.
The system of government which is one man ( dictatorship) rule for five years, with advice from his gang members as elected representatives in the Cabinet was found not in the best interests of nation building, or operations. Pointed out that the SHAM of the Parliament, or Legislature and Senate were just RUBBER STAMP BODIES. They served no useful function. Even all the so called quasi institutions, committees, commissions, etc., who are supposed to operate independently, it was pointed out are actually IN FACT, controlled and run by the DICTATOR for five years. The majority seats and appointments being approved only by the DICTATOR. In normal operating terms, the quasi so called independent organized bodies can do their own thing, but in any critical juncture, they must come to the heel and demands of our elected dictator.
The whole system of government in Belize was a CHARADE it was unanimously agreed. I didn´t find anything new in the discussion that hasn´t been discussed and concluded over the past 25 years, ad nauseum. What one can do about it was not decided.

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