Saturday, November 27, 2010


Royal Creole, coastal lawyer Elrington, CABINET MEMBER, from Port town, the old colonial capitalof Belize. A Black Englishman in talk, education and actions. Cariform needs somebody different to present a new paradigm in the West Indies.

Elrington wrong choice for CARIFORM and CARICOM representative of Belize

Nothing against Elrington, a lawyer from the port of Belize City and a major player in the UDP CABINET. But saw something on the tv news last night that said he was going to be HEAD OF Caribbean CARIFORM, political something or other to do with Caribbean trade.

I feel at this juncture that Elrington is the wrong choice. These are my reasons why?

The port town of Belize is a set of lawyers who are for the most part ROYAL CREOLES. This is a CREOLE town, but Belize nowadays is a growing important role player both in Central American forums, world small country forums and in Caricom and CARIFORM the trade block.

The trouble with the Caribbean countries is that they are still mired in the
COLONIAL education framework. The UK itself is losing EMPIRE and trade ground to become a 2nd class country. While the UK is going down, Belize is going UP in reputation. We pack a lot of weight nowadays in International affairs. We in this country are small country ROLE MODELS. The rest of the Caribbean are basket cases of failed states and political mismanagement. They can't help themselves in economical trade. They have no leadership and do not know how. The University of the West Indies failed to prepare them for globalization and economical change in education for commerce and trade.

I don´t like to introduce ethnicity and race here, but you will notice the CARIFORM and CARICOM countries are BLACK. They mimic the Europeans from which we have centuries of exploitation. Is there anything more nonsensical than to see Eastern Caribbean countries political leaders wandering around wearing European suits, white shirts with ties, in a tropical average 85 F temperature. Totally ridiculous how they mimic the Europeans. They might as well be Orangutans in a circus. Their economic and political performance reflects this.

Belize on the other hand, is a mixed race environment. We have many racial groupings. The majority of which is Spanish, Mestizo and Maya. If we in Belize wish to show our leadership and help our fellow CARICOM and CARIFORM brothers a way to progress, and believe me, we in Belize are now regarded as ROLE MODELS, even with a small population of 350,000 people in a small country. Then we shouldn´t be sending BLACK CREOLE ENGLISH copycats that dominate the politics of our small port town of Belize City. We should be sending somebody to break the mold in CARICOM and CARIFORM. Instead of sending a BLACK lawyer, known as a ROYAL CREOLE from that hotbed of useless people down on our coast, in the old colonial capital; we should send somebody DIFFERENT. Maybe BELIZEAN WHITE MENNONITE, ELVIN PENNER, who knows something about producing goods, instead of consuming imported goods, or our MAYAN, RENE MONTERO, or a half dozen other rural Western, or rural district elected representatives. We need a MAYAN, MESTIZO or SOMEBODY ELSE, of a different color_ background and educational practical experience.
We can't send somebody that is a CLONE of all the others in the CARIBBEAN, WHO THINKS THE SAME AND ACTS THE SAME and talks the same. WE ARE NOT GOING TO HELP THEM THIS WAY.

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