Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BELIZE - SEX and young male problems!


There is a lot of news about young men getting into crime and violence. There have been studies on early teen pregnancy and we have programs dealing with sex and AIDS prevention, the use of condoms. What is not mentioned, is that young males in their TEENS from age 14 to 22 years, are producing in a natural way, sperm that they must ejaculate between six and twelve times a day. This is nature's way, was built in humans for the hunter gatherer society, not the changed society of Belize that we have today.
The rules in my youth were plain. A young man had to have his house and boat, on the Great Barrier Reef islands. In the mainland of Belize, a young man had to have a house and tools to compete for marriage and a wife. Nature has it that both girls and boys cannot resist SEX for reproduction and preservation of the species ( homo sapiens ) early in life. Just facts we have to deal with.
That said; young men today, particularly more so in urban town areas, find themselve FATHERS at an early age. Often in their teens. They are not equipped to deal with the society that is Belize today, except in some rural parts. This puts them at a disadvantage economically. They cannot earn enough to pay rent, they cannot support the wife, or girlfriend with money for the needs of babies and children. Abstinence is a nice word, but not practical most of the time.
Young males are blasted with hormones and enzymes and fantasies of SEX from 14 years of age onward. The ejaculation of semen, six to twelve times a day can be done through masturbation, but it is the nature of this man handling of the penis and the pumping action and response of the nerve endings in the bulbous glands that DEMAND more and more they find a sex partner. Preferably a female. The height of sexual reproduction on males is 19 years of age sex studies have shown. By age 30 the ejaculation and production of semen drops to three or four times a day. By age forty five, it drops to two or three times a day and by age sixty it drops to three or four times a week. The sex drive in males acts on the brain and overpowers inhibitions, morals and rules.
Yet economically in this society of Belize today, they are unprepared for the economic and financial responsibilities. Nor will they ever be, unless they are successful in practicing abstinence and rely solely on masturbation for relief from the demands of NATURE on the body to relieve the pressures of hormones and enzymes on the BRAIN. Consequently, many of the disadvantaged youth find themselves forced into a life of crime, to find money to respond to the pleas for material things that a young mother needs for her and her baby, or babies.
I do not know the answer to this problem, but most of our male criminals are responding to the need to provide money for their girlfriends, or wives, to supply their needs in a society for which they are not fitted educationally. I do not see this segment of the problem of young male crime tackled by the social studies programs trying to come to grips with the problems of young male criminals in our society. What to do about early teen pregnancy and young males responding to reproductive drives they cannot handle, but ill equipped to follow up in a changing society and world.

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