Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SMART INTERNET STILL No. 1, for internet reliability in Belize.


The new BTL wireless system increased bandwidth internet service is experiencing teething troubles. Reports coming into the debating listserve that covers a lot of the development problems in Belize, report that BTL new internet wireless service is spotty around the country. Southern Belize on a different server probably is saying things are fine with them. Here in the TWIN TOWNS the BTL internet wireless connection went down last FRIDAY evening and since then until now TUESDAY morning as of this writing was still down. Computer BTL technicians are working at it, the local BTL San Ignacio office says. The computer repair stores claim they are inundated with people saying the BTL remote modems are not working properly. Repair shops have been swamped with complaints.
This leaves SMART INTERNET number 1 for reliability still in the INTERNET SUPPLY WARS now going on in Belize. SMART is slow, no doubt! But on Monday, thank heavens I kept my SMART MODEM when I bought the BTL faster and bigger bandwidth service. My business would have broke down without SMART as the backup service for Monday business.
On the way home from asking what was the problem with the BTL office over the Macal River in San Ignacio Town yesterday, I noticed that CAYO CABLE must have finished stringing their replacement coaxial cable for the cable tv in San Ignacio. The new coaxial cable is internet friendly and soon or perhaps already, further down EAST, toward the coast in this industrial corridor, we will be getting internet options via a new ISP here in Santa Elena Town? The cable TV boys for CAYO CABLE were working their way up the side road from the Santa Elena Town, WESTERN HIGHWAY junction into our suburbs of Santa Cruz and Hillview on the side of Green Parrot Valley laying the new internet capable coaxial cable, replacing their old cable which was only TV compatible. Over in Spanish Lookout, the MENNONITES have applied with their SPEEDNET for an ISP service nationwide from the PUC. Since the PUC is politically controlled, I kind of wondered how that would go for a licensing procedure? There has been no news on the license application. Things are looking up for telecommunications competition in Belize and better services, if we could just get the political party in power out of big business telecommunications.

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