Thursday, November 25, 2010

Big plate sized TARANTALA spider migrations in BELIZE.


Last week we had a very big Tarantala spider walking around the living room again. Normally we pick them up with an empty OATMEAL food container, saved for frogs, toads and tarantalas. They are supposed to be good as pets. Never tried it. I´ve found since living in Western Belize about three times a year for a few days, we get tarantulas wandering around the office and living room. Being the tropics we have no weather stripping on the bottom of the front door. I am guessing they come through on some sort of migration. It used to bother my wife some years ago. But nowadays the migration doesn´t bother her. Usually we scoop them up with the OATMEAL container, slap the lid on and go outside and toss them into the weeds of the abandoned house next door, across our fence. Let them go on their merry way. Last couple of days I missed the couple wandering around the living room. I understand they are intelligent. They can move fast when they want, or are being chased. They quickly avoided my container and escaped into the bookcase at floor level. I left them alone. Usually never see them again after that anyway. Have no idea where they are going.

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