Sunday, November 7, 2010

Belize coconut water more expensive than Thailand canned coconut water in rural Canadian stores.

Coconut water in cans cheaper in Canada than in Belize. The Canadians get it from Thailand in the can.

Hi Ray,

I read your 'Western Belize Happenings' with gusto every day.

Sometimes it really makes me think.
Last week you wrote about the price of coconut water in your town being $ 2.85 to $ 3.50, which I assume are Belize $.
Yesterday I bought a couple of cans of coconut water here, north of Toronto, Canada, which is definitely NOT near any place where coconuts grow. Price: for $0.89 Canadian each, which would make it something like BLZ$ 1.78 since the CAN$ is almost par with the US$. On my can it says that it is imported all the way from Thailand and packaged (canned) in Richmond Hill (not far from here) where labour and materials are quite expensive.

What I am wondering about is the price difference. I appreciate all the difficulties of the Belizean supply line, but still, just importing the cans from Mexico should be way cheaper than the journey the product has to go through to reach my store in Canada.

What are your thoughts about this? I would love it if you would care to comment.
.....and yes, you are right - someone should open a cannery in Belize, it might prove to be a profitable business LOL.

Best Regards

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tacogirl said...

Counting myself lucky that coconut trees in our yard has reachable coconuts and helps keep my coconut water cost down.

Great post.