Sunday, November 28, 2010

BELIZE - meat products. Jerky and Pepperoni


Don´t remember who was making pepperoni in Belize. But all I see nowadays is the pizza small one inch diameter packages of pepperoni in the freezers in the Supermarkets. Not making pizza - I´m on a diet and trying to lay off all that baked crust stuff, that gives you a rubber tire of fat around the middle. I do though like that 3 or 4 inch diameter pepperoni slices somebody was making a few months back. I ate it all up, bought it out, or whatever and nobody is re-filling the stores with the larger size pepperoni.
If anybody knows who is manufacturing pepperoni, tell them there is a customer searching now for weeks, every time I go in the store for MORE! I would also like the one inch diameter, 12 inch long, pepperoni sausage, if they could make some? I use these to nibble between meals and chew for a snack. Without anything else. Would like some smoked beef jerky strips too. Chewing stuff.
I´ve been making my own beef jerky in the micro wave, but there doesn´t seem to be any butcher anymore in Western Belize TWIN TOWNS with one of those circular spinning cutting blades to cut meat. You can´t get thin slices to smoke, or salt, or dry to make JERKY. When I buy a $5 slab of meat, and cut with a knife the slices are to thick really. You need much thinner slices, cut on one of those meat slicing machines to do a good job. I´d rather just buy the finished product made by somebody else specializing in meat products.


The Butcher said...


We provide different kinds of salami ago, beef, pork, lamb.
Also, various smoked sausages and bacon

The Butcher
San Pedro Town
Ambergris Caye
630 1746

Stuart said...

There is Beef Jerky being made fresh in San Ignacio. Small packages ready to buy or large batches made to order.

Stu's Beef Jerky
Made with Running W Brand Beef

For info call 633-8959

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