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I´m not political. That said, Barrow is the man with the authority to run the country right now. I´m just a Doctor Fly biting him periodically, trying to keep him in what in my opinion is the right track. He´s an adult, I can´t make him change. Sheessh! Can´t even influence my kids and grandkids. I look at BARROW as my country manager, and I either praise or criticize as the case may be, trying to get him to do things the way this voter wants them. I expect others to do the same. Indeed I am delighted at the OPEN DEBATES, criticisms on stuff going on in the press and talk and tv media. It´s a wonderful thing to watch. If you have NEVER lived, or traveled in a POLICE STATE, you cannot understand how I feel about the debates going on in Belize. To be able to put in your two cents, without fear, or terror is a mighty feeling of FREEDOM. It was not always this way in Belize, particularly under the GEORGE PRICE years. I am so happy to see this atmosphere in Belize after so many decades trying to lead by example and change the FEAR that was experienced by the wider population, say 20 or more years ago. I can die in peace now. The only thing I now want, is to enshrine this atmosphere of FREEDOM by legislation and that means changing the structure of governing. Then I can die peacefully and content that I did my little bit, to make at least this small corner of the world, a BETTER place.

From: G. Michael Reid
To: Ray Auxillou
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Sent: Sunday, August 28, 2011 2:38 PM
Subject: Re: Bz-Culture: Lot of lawyer activist critics of Barrow

Ray, you have hit the nail, but from the side. The man is too damn
arrogant to seek or acknowledge any degree of help.

He has painted himself in a corner by attacking and victimizing any
who dare suggest an objective, much less, opposing view.

When Briceno, in the face of much opposition from some within his own
party, dared to step up and endorse his Restore Belize program, the El
Guardian ridiculed the man, suggesting that he "can't lead but must

The one that you need to talk to is Barrow. Advise him to humble
himself and make it clear that he is leading all the people and not
only those willing to pay homage and kiss his ass.

Advise him to allow members of opposition to speak in the House
without his ad hominen (ala Peter) approach to argument.

Let him realize that Belizeans comprise of not only family members and
close associates but every single citizen regardless of how they vote.

Have him address the unlawful enrichment of his cabinet members.

John Saldivar could not pay his rent four years ago. He just finished
a mansion outside of Belmopan, built on land that was set aside for
the cemetery.

Castro four years ago had four goats, today, between him and his wife,
they control almost twenty companies including cable, heavy equipment,
talapia farms, etc!

Patrick Faber lives high on the hog and is obviously filthy rich also.

If he wanted to be a part of a Belizean movement, he could have
married at home. The man has done nothing to suggest that he should
be helped.

You are helping him enough with your attempts at propaganda. Keep
trying, your true color is shown!

On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 4:11 AM, Ray Auxillou
> There seems to be a lot of activist lawyer critics of BARROW, but I don´t
> see a SINGLE ONE OF THEM, taking the obvious goal of BARROW, to solidify the
> takeover of BTL, and offering him any alternative methods of accomplishing
> this needed purpose.
> With all that critical brainpower, doing all this armchair, hindsight type
> of critiquing. You would think at least one or two of them, could offer
> alternative ways for BARROW to accomplish his goal.
> Help the man for heavens sake! We are in this together in buildng a
> country.

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