Tuesday, August 9, 2011



For many years, Terry went through an unhappy divorce, had a fire that burned down his shop, met somebody new, sold out, rolled with the punches, re-financed and all this in five years. Now re-married,Terry is in the prime of his life. Terry has an investment at Camalote in Belize. Not much of a one, but still one time, he was all set to move to Belize and start incubator businesses.
Five years later since I last saw him, Terry has rebuilt his business, now having 8 employees in Central Florida and the lesson he once tried to convince Belizeans was that; LIGHT MANUFACTURING would make BELIZE BOOM! What Terry does, is take .80 cents worth of metal, or $3.00 as the size and case may be and turn them into small parts for musical instruments. Selling for $50, to a couple of hundred dollars. He uses an automatic lathe, CAD computer instructions and a couple of very small tanks, to wash the metal and electro plate these parts. Box them prettily, advertise well, and sell them. Good living and all out of a big GARAGE in a suburban home. Since his re-marriage, Terry has increased his product line several times and now has difficulty keeping up with the growing business, despite OBAMA and working 7 days a week.
The lesson is still good. Hard work, small investment, but pick a niche and excel against the competition in it. Today he is BIGGER than ever. All due to small light manufacturing. ( www.warburton-usa.com )
The principal behind success, is to understand that you will get knocked down and out a number of times in any endeavor. You must pick yourself up again and start over from the beginning. What the lesson is; is that nobody can take away from you the hard lessons learned in the real world, these make you stronger and better each time you start again. Each time you rebuild, or restart, you comeback stronger, faster, and smarter.
The lesson from light manufacturing, is that you take $3 worth of metal and you make something selling for $80 to $300. The mark up for you, by your skill and stubborness necessary to go through this process, is that you turn $3 over, by your skill, into a 2600% reward by doing this. Or as much as 10,000% increase in added value.
For Belize to become a RICH COUNTRY, we need light manufacturing to do so. It is here that the greatest markup rewards are to be had. The jobs, and GDP would grow enormously.


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