Monday, August 29, 2011



This is over the so-called nationalization of Ashcrofts shares and assets in the BTL company. The arguments are all over the place. Some are saying this is not a TRUE nationalization, it is more government THEFT of private property. The reason being, that if Nationalization was being done; treating Ashcrofts shares in BTL seperately, from the rest of the private sector investments in the telecommunications industry in Belize, then the government in the shape of Dean Barrow, Mafia chief and Prime Minister, or El Caudillo and his gang of elected, political party, representatives, who have sworn allegience to the political gangster party, over and above the interests of the nation of Belize, or their so-called constitutents, and like any cohesive bunch, or street gang, rubber stamp what is apparently a debacle solely that of the making of Dean Barrow, gang leader.
A quite good argument, is offered, that since Constitutional changes are being offered by BARROW to legalize the theft of Michael Ashcrofts private property in telecommunications, to get rid of some very expensive continuous litigation, which our small government cannot afford. That if this was true NATIONALIZATION, as touted by Dean Barrow and the bombast and rhetoric says; it is for ALL UTILITIES. Yet, in telecommunications, only ASHCROFTS shares in BTL are being stolen. There is no attempt by the UDP government to also seize SMART, the jother competing telephone/internet company, or the dozens of village cable tv companies. Giving obvious lie to the utterings and rhetoric coming from PM Dean Barrow.
The only valid NATIONALIZATION I could see justifiable, is that of the ARCO INTERNATIONAL FIBER OPTIC CABLE, linking us to the rest of the world with decent available bandwidths and speeds. This would entail taking over the BTL Headquarters building and real estate lot, which contains therein the ARCO TERMINAL. Then putting it into a Government institution to level the playing field and play fair with the many competitors in telecommunications as the tech world changes every 18 months.
All the legislation being debated is pure nonsense and needs to be abandoned. We want a FREE MARKET ECONOMY, not that of GOVERNMENT MONOPOLIES.

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