Monday, August 22, 2011

UN Human Rights Commission ignores plight of democracy advocates in Bahrain, as they are crushed and murdered.

Bahrain hospital patients, tortured and murdered by Barbaric, family tryanical dictatorship in Bahrain. 2ND hand news reports coming out of Bahrain, say that the photo of patients in the hospital you see, plus all the hospital staff, nurses and doctors were also tortured and murdered by the Khalifa tyrannical security forces of the family dictatorship. If so, this human rights atrocity rivals that of the infamous reports of Japanese military war atrocities during World War 11.

Famous 22 year old female poet is tortured and imprisoned by barbarian family Khalifa dictatorship, in Bahrain.
Boy a child, tortured and killed in Bahrain by family dictatorship


There is a lot of talk on TV about UN Human Rights Commissions on the tyrannical dictatorship events in Syria and Libya, but so far there is NONE AT ALL about the events in Bahrain.

Wonder why? Is this a one sided deal from the UN?

Never been to Bahrain, no particular wish to go. Bahrain and Kuwait were bandit havens, for pirates. They were fishermen and slavers a 150 years ago. The Kalifa family have maintained their ownership of Bahrain, over a century. Through imprisonment, torture and murder, is my understanding of their history, ruling by the usual fear and terror. When oil came in at the beginning of the 20 th century, they changed things around, particularly after WW 1. The inherited pirate families in the Gulf, gave themselves titles copied after European monarchies. They now call themselves Kings, and Field Marshals. This 21 st century though, things are changing and democracy is replacing all the old bandit chieftans around the world. Even though many of them like the Kalifa family have sent their children to the UK and the USA for training in the military arts. Being a MONARCHY instead of a PIRATE CHIEFTAN no longer has the weight it had in the last century. In Bahrain, it gets even more complicated as they have two opposing religious Muslim religions. The SUNNI´s and the SHIITE. The SHIITE were slaughtered in this past uprising. The Khalifa family are SUNNI. It is a small island, and over 2000 SHIITE protesters were slaughtered in time honored PIRATE fashion in the recent peaceful parades for a democracy. In the modern world, those old time, brutal tactics do not stay hidden any more.
The United Nations is supposed to be trying this family of Arab chieftans and family tyrannical dictators, for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and INTERPOL is supposed to be issuing WARRANTS for their arrest anytime, they travel to Europe, or the USA. So far we in the seven countries making Central America haven´t seen this happen. We have had in our own region violent ideological struggles, violence and revolutions. With only 20 years of peace in our region, it is very fresh in our minds, that NEVER AGAIN, do we wish these things to escalate and happen. Since we have our own troubles with Presidents for Life, or Dictators and secret police sometimes, it is not a big issue over here about faraway Bahrain. But since we are small countries, we like to see fair play, from the United Nations and the INTERPOL people, because you never know, when it is going to happen here again in Central America. So, the fact that the BAHRAIN dictators as a family dictatorship have seemingly got away with it, we worry, because that means we in Central America cannot look to the International Institutions for protection and redress.
These are the main BARBARIC MONSTERS coming out of Bahrain.

This guy lives on the island and calls himself a Field Marshal. Copying the British Sandhurst Officer training school stuff.

*** Salman Biin Hama Al Khalifa

The Khalifa extended family are big and also intermarried with other clans in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Quatar and other Gulf dictatorships. Lot of next generation sons growing up, to continue the IRON FIST CONTROL of Bahrain, in the family dictatorship.

NOTE: In 2011, in the 21 st century, social media through the internet, Twitter, Facebook, U tube, etc., plus cell phone technology with built in cameras is making the world a smaller place. These acts of vicious violence by dictatorships are becoming more widely known. This is changing the dynamics of how we want the world to be. There will be no end to ego maniacs, wanting to be dictators and tyrants. It seems to be built into the human tribal condition. The United Nations as it now stands and performs, or the Hague Court Trials and functions of INTERPOL are apparently inadequate. We cannot do much about places like China, North Korea, Burma and other such violent places, as they are too big. But some of these smaller countries like Bahrain and Syria we should and could do something about. NATO, mostly through FRANCE, dropped arms and ammunition to the democracy revolution in Libya; such actions could also be applied, or covert supplies to smaller places like Syria and Bahrain by NATO and other allies. The USA is no longer the premier world power, and seems to have passed the capacity to act as a world policeman. In this, 21 st century we will have to find new ways of meeting the challenges of vicious, barbarians and feudal warlike violence, running dictatorships, around the world.

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