Tuesday, August 23, 2011

UDP government get 2 points on report card, raised to 27%

UDP Government get 2 % points on their performance report card. UDP APPROVAL RATING NOW 27%

The award is due to the inclusion of the private sector in legislative and policy decisions. There is currently a process of public consultations going around the nation and eventually a referendum will be conducted in one case, perhaps more. This is a partial answer in attaining a PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY, rather than a Mafia political party elected dictatorship. It does not seem to be the whole answer and ideas in how to achieve more control of the Mafia political party in power, ruling the government through assignment of plum Ministries as private fiefdoms to mafia elected representatives, is still needed to make the CABINET, a MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE, instead of a fiefdoms.

At any rate, there are many suggestions on the table over the last 40 years, in how to actually make the government system of Belize more manageable by the voters. We currently have a one year project, divided into quarters, to see if the UDP will actually take legislative steps to make the Belize democracy, more inclusive.

The performance of this public consultations and referendums are noted and gain the UDP 2 points approval on the report card rating. It is just one small incremental step in the right direction.

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