Thursday, August 25, 2011

El Caudillo, Dean Barrow´s speech on August 25, 2011 on TV

***Dean Barrow the current Prime Minister of Belize.
***Said Musa, former Prime Minister, who crippled the small country of Belize with questionable machinations while in office.

August 26, 2011

Caught the fireside speech of El Caudillo, Dean Barrow, Prime Minister, Dean Barrow and Don of Dons, Capos and Made men, and mafia associates of his UDP political party last Thursday night. Purely by accident. I would tune in regularly if I knew when and what TV channel it would occur beforehand.
He gave a rather upbeat assessment of the Belizean economy with a short bit of statistics for early this year. Apparently things are up economically speaking about 6.7 % over the same period of last year. Which we sensed up here in Hillview, even if we had no access to the statistics before. Dean Barrow´s policies are in a general sense doing well, by concentrating on infra-structure and less political meddling in the competitive market place.
He put in a plug for his Amendment 9, 2, and 62 or something Constitutional changes he wished to make. In essence his salesmanship, which is meeting with wide nationwide debate and criticism was based on the line of; he wants GOVERNMENT to OWN all utilities. In particular the BTL telecommunications company, which he nationalized.
I can understand his problems, but cannot agree with his conclusions and chosen course of action. Said Musa, the previous alleged dishonest, Prime Minister of Belize, left the party of Dean Barrow, the UDP when it gained office, with an unholy mess. Mostly to do with the BTL company and SECRET AGREEMENTS, widespread loan borrowing through Ashcroft´s Belize Bank. Most of which turned out to be embezzlement corruption schemes, if the news media can be believed. Trips with suitcases full of money to Panama and Montevideo for those who scored big, ( 100´s of millions ) off being in political office, during the PUP governing term. Money couriers when caught, let go free, no prosecutions and all that. One criminal political party, scratching the back of the other criminal party sort of thing.
The current El Caudillo, UDP PM Dean Barrow continues to reap the worries and entanglements with his nationalization of BTL and the byzantine legal mess of hidden money deals left by the previous Prime Minister Said Musa. His opponent, the billionaire, Robber Baron, Lord Ashcroft, has more money and lawyers at his disposal, to fight the small country of Belize with shell companies, like the BTL Employees Trust, a hidden scheme to hide actual ownership of BTL shares and all that. ( There are no BTL employees owning any shares in the shell trust, getting dividends, so the media tells us. ) El Caudillo, Dean Barrow is selling the battle with Ashcroft, over what greedy Ashcroft is claiming, by proposing amendments to the Constitution to enshrine nationalization of companies, for the purpose of ending the legal court cases and quarrels. You have about two lawyers on our small government side, continuously embattled with the latest legal schemes and scams, by Ashcrofts seven or eight heavyweight law firms he retains. This is an expense on our underfunded small government that is a heavy burden to bear. All due to the previous PUP Prime Minister, Said Musa´, shady activities. I can´t disagree that our lawyer/Prime Minister is not doing his best. Obviously he is, and the population wishes him luck. Still, it is no secret, that he is a smarter politician than he is a lawyer. In the local Bar Association he would rate about 4 out of a score of 10, if you took out his success with political gambling. He´s a 4th rate lawyer who succeeded in making politics pay and get rich, for him and his family. That is success in a way and certainly shows it works for the bank balance.
The problem is his latest lame gambit to SELL to us voters,; that we would be better off, with nationalized utilities owned by the government. The whole sales pitch is designed to end the legal cases with ROBBER BARON, LORD ASHCROFT and not about what is best for Belize. Though I suppose he is selling it so hard, and got himself painted into a corner, he doesn´t know what to do next.
El Caudillo and a 4 Star lawyer, out a rating of 10 Stars in the BAR ASSOCIATION, does not seem to understand, we are no longer a British Colony and Empire ruled conditions. We have fought hard and long for forty years, to get rid of Colonial monopolies in business in Belize and we certainly do not want to bring the colonial exploitation system back, by a new set of business MONOPOLIES, starting with utilities, simply to rescue Dean Barrow and his team of fellow political party members from what is decidedly a sticky legal mess, that Dean Barrow has inherited from his predecessor, the alleged criminal PUP party of Said Musa. The trouble is, the treasury has no money to hire any better lawyers than what we have. ( his family relatives )
To make this rambling CLEAR. NO, to the 9th Amendment and NO to any amendments that will bring back MONOPOLIES, for utilities, or any other company businesses. The public has fought long and hard for decades to get rid of colonial empire exploitation monopolies. We do not want them EVER again, no matter the problems of the current government under DEAN BARROW. Find other solutions to the legal problems, my man. Do some think tank, brain storming somehow. The country deserves and wants a level playing field and a competitive business environment, so we can get out of this colonial thinking mess. Part of being a successful democracy relies on a commercial field, with no monopolies. Particularly no monopolies controlled by government and hence an incumbent get rich quick political party mentality. We want to build a successful democracy and that means NO MONOPOLIES. Which means NO to attempts to change the Constitution, to legally enable monopolies. No matter your current problems and rationalizations.
Get some help mon! You are in over your head! Your party Cabinet cannot help you either. This is not a battle they are experienced in. Find other solutions to your legal maze. How about a PRO BONO conclave of BAR ASSOCIATION lawyers, making a think tank to go through alternative strategies. You have to know the public is behind you and wish you the best, but we do not want to legalize monopolies by the government. The NATION is building a democracy and that comes before your present legal mess. That is long term planning, your problems and solution are short quick fixes, that are worse than the problem.

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