Friday, August 5, 2011

El Caudillo of Belize ( strong man dictator government ) gains 1 % point on government report card approval rating. Rating now 24%.

El Caudillo, strong man ruler of Belize in an elected dictator system of government, euphimistically called the Westminister system. A CHARADE and a FARCE of governing.

El Caudillo, DEAN BARROW, strong man dictator of Belize gains 1 point for speech on Thursday, August 5th., 2011. In his speech he stated if his Amendment 9 in a referendum is not approved by the public, he will honor the public opinion and withdraw same. He sounded sincere! The legal technical arguments are on tv talk shows and muddle the mind of the lay person. Lawyers lie so much, which is their profession, you cannot tell what is best.

Belize has what the Spanish like to call the El Caudillo system of strong, one man government. Some Caudillo´s can be tyrannical. Some are not. In Belize, the system is designed around a former Colonial occupation force organization, of civil servants, copying what is jokingly called the Westminster British system of bureaucratic government. In this, the bureaucratic governing system is designed in a CHARADE, or FARCE of the alleged British. We have what is jokingly called a Parliament and a Senate. The Parliament is play acting, like a market theatre, during the time of Shakespeare. The Caudillo stands up and reads changes to laws he wants, put into legalese called BILLS, these are then passed by his majority vote. There is a small OPPOSITION, but they NEVER ask QUESTIONS on the floor of the small parliament. They only complain and denigrate the political party in power, waiting for their turn to feed at the public tax trough, like hungry pigs. The parliament needs more debate and what is currently done occasionally by public consultations, or public referendums, needs to be done in the parliament by more opposition parties. Unfortunately, Belize does not have the more fair democratic diversified, PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION system. Where each political party automatically gets some representation in government. This would be good for debate on public policies. The El Caudillo, is known under the Westminster system euphimistically as a Prime Minister. He is basically a MAFIA GANG BOSS of his mafia political party, seeking to get rich off running the government. There are no CHECKS and BALANCES in Belize, in government. Rule is by the CAUDILLO, or MAFIA Don of Dons. Parliament and the Senate are jokes, they are just shows to entertain the public and just rubber stamp decisions made by the Caudillo. It is amazing we get as much public discussion as we do. One could say Dean Barrow is a slightly less TYRANICAL CAUDILLO than he could be. One of the more unfortunate aspects of this MAFIA GANG political party system, is that there is only ONE POLICE FORCE for the country and they are obedient to the MAFIA GANG, or CAUDILLO´s political party holding centralized government power. You cannot prosecute CABINET POLITICIANS, ( gang members ) or their henchmen, for stealing, or embezzling from the public treasury. Like many KINGS AND QUEENS in history, the tax revenues are theirs to do with what they want.

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