Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Prime Minister of Belize begins REIGN of TERROR in the port Belize City.

PM Dean Barrow ( El Caudillo, strong man dictator ) brings SHOCK AND AWE to the port of BELIZE CITY, with a campaign of FEAR and TERROR.

Looks like the ARAB SPRING is now reaching the port of Belize City. The evening television cable channels news were full of interviews, from victims of an unwarranted attack on a WAKE after a funeral in Georgetown, of the Port of Belize City.
The TV NEWS stations did not take any sides, or offer any comments, one way or the other. Either by disapproval, or approval. EXCEPT they were interviewing people from the neighborhood, who were victims of an attack, by what is alleged to be a direct physical attack, using the GSU masked police security thugs. The interviews went on in depth, and for over an hour, from channel to channel. It was both amazing and horrifying to think this could happen in Belize. Definitely a CAMPAIGN of FEAR and TERROR is the opinion one forms, by watching the cable tv news out here in the WEST. People are horrified!
There were broken arms, broken heads, lots of hospital cases. No discrimination between targets at all. Old people, young people, children, women, were all attacked by the thugs. Allegedly it was said, by orders of DEAN BARROW our EL CAUDILLO, Prime Minister.
Apparently, what happened, from the interviews on TV, there had been a funeral and the mourners retired for a WAKE, at the home of the person buried. The WAKE was being held on private property in the yard. People from all over the neighborhood were there, to give their respects and is the custom in a WAKE, there was a barbecue in the yard, tables of drinks and food. Apparently the ordinary police had passed by twice, but nobody paid it any attention, when the peaceful WAKE was interrupted by the squeal of a convey of security vehicles pulled up outside and a gang of armed thugs, wearing masks, who said they were police, but offered no other information, broke into the WAKE in the private yard, with clubs, sticks, truncheons, pepper spray, tasers, guns with rubber bullets. Across the street was another gathering of women and children, practising their dance choreography and costumes for the TENTH CELEBRATION parade. They also it is alleged, were victims by the firing of rubber bullet. Arms were broken by clubs, heads cracked. Clothes soaked by copious amounts of blood. One upright woman local citizen, protested she was a Justice of the Peace ( a government officer ), but she was bludgeoned anyway, with big bruises on her leg to show the tv camera later. The assailant saying it was orders from El Caudillo. Almost everybody was sprayed fully into the face and eyes by pepper spray. Tasers used in the attack. Old ladies were no exception. Barbeque overturned, at least one house ransacked, I believe that of the J.P. lady? Tv thrown on the ground and the place destroyed, it was said.
A delivery man, in the wrong place at the wrong time, also became a victim with broken limbs, as he was delivering take out food. A Channel 7 TV reporter at the event, even after identifying himself, was also beaten badly.
The reporting by the TV media news channels was totally unreal. It was like something out of CUBA under Castro, or in Syria, or by HOMELAND SECURITY in the USA. Certainly the intention was to spread FEAR and TERROR of the Emperor´s Praetorian guard. I more think, it is the spark that has just ignited Civil War, which probably will start now in the port of Belize City. Singh the CEO of the police and Perdomo the Minister of Security were not blamed. The allegations were this thuggish attack occured by by-passing the chain of command. My thoughts would be; if I was SINGH, or PERDOMO, would be I would quit, and get another job. Not worth getting killed over a stupid event like this, the pay is not enough. Barrow I presume will quadruple his personal body guard? If he doesn´t, more fool him.

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val rab said...

Before this type of violence escalate to point it cannot be controlled the British army should be called in for assistnce.

US naturalized Belizean