Thursday, August 18, 2011


The consultation process for an amendment to the Constitution of Belize is now under way.

Running around the country is a government consultation process before holding a referendum on an Amendment to the Constitution. I noticed there were many, many, many citizen voters in long lines, waiting their turn at the microphone, to explain their opinions on this referendum. High interest nationwide on the issue of the Amendment 9 proposal.

One of the things I noticed on television clips, were the number of people who were stating they did not want RULERS, like SOVEREIGN KINGS, or even EL CAUDILLO´s like we have, in our Prime Minister. They wanted the people they elect as representatives in government, which forms the Cabinet and rubber stamp Parliament, to listen to the voters and do what they say. Those people were quite emphatic, they want our elected representatives to be a MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE OF GOVERNMENT, but answerable to, and responsive to asking the voters what they want on policy issues. They do not want to be dictated to. Since for the past 50 years, all Prime Ministers and political parties elected for 5 year terms in Belize ( most voters want it reduced to 4 years, but the politicians will not listen ) have claimed their right they say, to be dictators and rule the people and decide for them what they want to do. Since this is rarely the same as what the public voters want, there has been many a parade and riot of policy issues. Unfortunately no political party in power is willing to change the rules on how policy issues and management of the national government, as the political party goal; is contrary, as it is the pirate spoils opportunistic, get rich quick mindset of the elected representatives that annoys people voters.
Listening to these expressions of dissatisfaction being expressed by citizen voters to government bureaucrats on the panel in this referendum, is refreshing, as it is a step forward to voter control of what the opportunistic politician pirates in CABINET, running the government actually do. Long way to go yet though, until we get such policy procedures enshrined in laws and in the Constitution with limitations on what the CABINET and winning political party can do. At least so far we are not like the terrible MUSLIM, ARAB populations, ruled by inherited family dictatorships with fancy names, like Kings, living under a rule of FEAR, TERROR, IMPRISONMENT, TORTURE, RAPE AND such things as go with a police state tyranny. Poor Arabs, we at least are better off, even if we have not yet developed a voter ruled democracy.

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