Saturday, August 6, 2011

LED lights with different wave lengths for greenhouse growers.


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This is Alice from ohmax lighting who is a manufacturer of 1w/3w chip Led Grow Light,Waterproof/Timing Led Grow Light etc .We are writing to you and sincerely hope that we could establish a business relation with you in future.
Today we bring you our 90W UFO LED Grow Light,as below:

90W UFO LED Grow Light to help your greenhouse plants growing faster under cold environment without enough sunshine!!

* Red/Blue 8:1 for growing flowers with sunshine;
* Red/Blue 7:2 for growing vegetables with sunshine;
* Red/Blue/White 7:1:1 for growing precious medicinal plants indoor without sunshine;
* Red/Blue/Orange 7:1:1 for growing precious medicinal plants with sunshine
* 7 color system for growing precious medicinal plants no matter if has sunshine;
* Unique module design with patent for easier maintenance,1pcs built-in fan for better heat elimination,longer lifespan 50000hours,more eco-friendly,energy saving 50% than High Pressure Sodium(HPS) etc;
* CE,ROHS,FCC approval;
* Application:hydroponics,horticulture,greenhouse,seeding,seedling,breeding,farm,flower exhibition,garden,soil based plants

What is the spectrum for our ohmax led grow lights?
Chlorophyll only absorbs the red and blue wavelengths from sunlight, but there are a number of additional pigments that also absorb white light.Our LED grow light series use a full spectrum of red and blue leds,we also include some white leds,orange leds etc.For example,red 660nm is the wavelength most absorbed by chlorophyll during the flowering stage.

* Wavelength for other ratios such as 8:1,7:2 etc:RED 660nm;Blue 440nm;Orange 610nm; White 2800K
* Wavelength only for full spectrum 7 color system: RED 630-660nm ;Blue 430-470nm;Orange 610nm;UV 410nm;Infra Red 730-740nm

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