Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dr. Avila, takes a poke at our government politics of the UDP.

Excellent article by Dr. Marcelino Avila on government run businesses in the Amandala newspaper this weekend. August 21, 2011

Very thought provoking article. Much of it I knew already, but nice to be reminded on how bad government run businesses really are. He talks about the disadvantages in government run institutions and companies. Delays and procrastination in processing and carrying out basic operations, when such businesses are run by union PEOPLE with a time clock, working mentality. The failures to recruit, and effectively employ competent staff, due to nepotism, favoritism, lack of transparency and equal opportunity. That item reminds me of the Miami Dade Community College system. Atrocious there. Lack of inadequate supervision, timely monitoring and evaluation. That brings immigration, lands and forestry departments, to mind as bad examples. Over dependence on political considerations instead of empirical evidence driven, or scientific criteria, or statistics for major policy and management decisions. The list goes on. Read the article it is a good one.
I guess the most glaring thing that jumped out at me, after reading Dr. Avila´s article, was the HOORAH about BTL and the whole MESS caused by Caudillo Dean Barrow. The disinformation such politicians spout, to cover their misdeeds. Seperate the ARCO terminal and current BTL headquarter building of the optic fiber cable terminal, from the company BTL and you immediately no longer have a nepotistic business monopoly run by a politician, for his own benefit, nor would it qualify then as a utility, to be controlled by a government. All the rest of the problems to create a legal mess would disappear. The country would be better with competition in the telecommunications field, outside of government Dean Barrow political meddling and interference.

"Never believe in the promises of politicians, bureaucrats, or the military, for you will be sadly disappointed."
- Ray Auxillou, 1964, British Honduras -

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