Sunday, August 28, 2011


IMF REPORT ON BELIZE THIS YEAR, COMPILED BY HIGH SCHOOL AMATEURS APPARENTLY - REALLY USELESS POOR QUALITY WORK - Nothing in it, that can be used to guide the Belize government. Just armchair critiquing. Ridiculous nonsense.

IMF REPORT and we have had so many of them. I get the feeling this one, was regurgitated out of a standard program on the computer and done by a High School graduate, understudy or something.

The IMF report was not at all impressive. In fact pretty bad, for lack of specifics and recommended specific corrections, within the envelope of possibilities available to the Government of Belize. They were not only short on suggestions on HOW to do their generalized critiques, but one got the impression they hadn´t a clue themselves. They were just justifying their salaries apparently and giving out with lackluster reporting.

Criticism on the dependence on UDP Foreign GRANTS to run large segments of the government projects. What nonsense that critique was! Ignoring the financial status, versus the needs of the country to do infra structure. They would have been better at the IMF if they had kept their mouths shut, if they cannot offer positive direction. For my money, BARROW and his bureaucrats in the GRANT BUSINESS, are VERY GOOD and should get an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL for succeeding in running many segments of the government by Foreign GRANT writing successfully. Where the IMF come off criticizing it, leaves me dumbfounded, by such ignorance, from a supposedly top notch body. They showed complete ignorance on how to run a nation like Belize with it´s very small population and huge needed demands, for a small population scattered over 6000 square miles of rugged mountainous terrain. Where do they find these YAHOO´s to write this stuff. The Eastern Congo or someplace?

Then there was the IMF critique about relying too much on the oil contributions. What nonsense again. Where do they get these high school students writing these nonsense IMF reports? You use what you got, when you got it my man. That is called REALITY, and PRAGMATISM. You can toss this year´s IMF report in the wastebasket. Totally useless to advising Belize.

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