Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tropical Strom Harvey damages Belize crops.

*** There are two corn crops a year in tropical Belize.
Whirlwinds from tropical storm Harvey, destroy CARR´s corn crop.

Local tv news had shots of the destroyed 1500 acre corn crop for John Carr, of the Banana Bank Estate. About two thirds was knocked flat on the ground, with yet another two months to harvest. Carr says the damage will probably reflect a loss of a million dollars. He also has a TEAK TREE plantation and a previous hurricane had destroyed about a half of his TEAK TREE PLANTATION. Teak trees take 25 years to grow and his trees are 12 inches in diameter right now and about a dozen years old. Half way to harvest. TEAK TREES he claims will earn about a million dollars Bz. an acre when harvested.

About 5 houses were destroyed by eye wall tornadoes in Cotton tree, the TV also reported and showed clips. NEMO, our Emergency management people are doing assessments as I write.

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