Friday, October 19, 2012

Chemical weed control in Belize is changing to flaming methods

The methods of controlling weeds by chemicals and adverse expensive products, is turning in Belize, to flame throwers.  The trick apparently is to flame the plot, or land and burn the weeds, about a week after you plant the seeds.  Doesn't touch the seeds and new plants, but gets rid of the weeds, and the charcoal produced enhances the fertility of the soil.  As in ashes.  Good article in AG REPORT issue 18. with a lot more details.  Written by Francesca Camillo. You can find it online.
  This type of operation was popular early in the last century, and of course by the Maya milpa farmer even today, here.  About the middle of the last century, commercial pesticides became cheaper, easier and popular, but the cycle of cost, advantages and such are bringing FLAMING, either spot burns, or wider field operations back in vogue.  A guy by the name of Charles House is leading the revolution.  He sells such farm equipment from his Earth & Sky Solutions business based in White Hall, Virginia, USA.


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Charles House said...

Thanks for posting this article here.
It was great to see the photo five torch vegetable bed flamer (Whoever is using it please let me know how it's going.) I helped with the development of the five torch flamer in 2010. It is available at this website:
If you have any questions about flame weeding you can reach me here:
Charles House