Tuesday, October 16, 2012


  The Cambrian Explosion of life on planet Earth.  Started about 542 million years ago.  During a relative short period, the existance of life on planet Earth exploded.  That time period in our years, measured by our life cycle was only 40 million years for the actual simultaneous seeding of our planet with myriad kinds of life forms. By a creator.  We did not evolve.  In fact, what little I know of the subject, is that species evolve and change, but always keep the same template of their species. They don't cross the specie barrier, as in Darwinism.  Darwin himself, forecast that his theory of evolution would collapse one day.  It seems to have done so.

  A bunch of scientists are debunking Darwin's Evolution Theory, for different reasons.  One is that there is no fossil record, backing up his claims of diverging branches of evolutionary trees.  Second, as we learn about machines and observe organic machines in the body, we can see they had to be made by a creator and not by evolution.  Too many different moving parts.  Cripple one part and the whole machine breaks down. There was a good TV show on it last night. We can now make machines, out of wood, metal, ceramics and some new materials.  We are even starting to copy certain parts of machines in organic materials, like skin for burns.  But that organic technology is still far too advanced for the present level of science of the human race.

  That said; a writer of the last century, wrote a book called URANTIA in which a spirit being, inhabits some human bodies. It tried to explain how it works, through the mental interpretation of a last century Christian.  It got all muddled up, but you can get the rough picture, when you are dealing with invisible entities to us, who claim to have made us out of LEMURS at a time, when the continents were all joined together, between ice ages and the climate was mild.  Look up Unanaki, the self proclaimed God, speaking in ancient Sumerian.  The life cycle of spirit beings is far longer than ours, and anything we can imagine..  The book Urantia says there are a number of them in charge of planet Earth development. They are both creators and developers of planet Earth. So they claim. They seeded the planet and converted it to our types of life in the trillions of different species.  All in an explosion of life creation.

  The argument about the CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION, in which all the creatures of Earth were created more or less in a single day, in the life cycle of Spirit energies, which we cannot understand, or even measure and see.  40 million years for the Cambrian Explosion in our life cycle, was only 120 years in the life cycle of these Spirit type entities, our creators, by our best guess.

  Then we throw into the mix; all the billions of years, the Universe has been expanding and still expands.  Energy densities were much higher back a billion years ago.  It is not above imagining that a race of beings, we call spirit entities, could have risen to life in the early days of the galaxy, made out of energy.  Our life form requires environmental conditions,only found out on the spiral arms of our galaxy.

  At any rate, POSSESSION, by spirit beings is taken as fact, both by religions, and as unexplained phenomena recorded in recent years on video and audio, such events.  THE FOURTH DIMENSION if a TRUE documentary story, reflects how much we do not know.

  Fascinating subject, and exploring how we were made, by who and for what purpose still goes on.  Obviously the spirit entities that inhabit some of our human bodies must have some reason?  We also call them the SOUL and they have according to literature, been expelled from some human bodies as demons.



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