Friday, October 19, 2012


You might like to compare Costa Rica agriculture exports to that of Belize.  Of course, Costa Rica is a lot bigger country than tiny Belize.

  As Costa Rica exports go mainly to North America.  42% of the total.  EU countries only take 18.5%.  The EU concentrate more on South America.  Central American export trade is 13.8% and far off Asia on the Pacific Rim, where the sun sets, takes 13% of Costa Rica agriculture exports.

  Noted though this year: is that exports to China have risen by 107%. So exporters shifting around establishing new export markets are finding representative buyers and distributors in China.  Pineapple exports alone are now $468 million US dollars worth.  You find these plantations, over the mountain range in the central valley, south of the capital.

  In Belize, a new majority shareholder in our Sugar Factory, promises to diversify both markets for our sugar and molasses, but also different types of sugar preparations.  Something the previous Belizean majority shareholding failed to do.

FRANCE continues the ban on GMO corn over in Europe. The GMO stuff is turning out to be not cracked up to the initial advertising hype, spewed out by Monsanto.  People are worried about genetic effects to the human genome.  On the other hand, BRAZIL has approved GMO cotton.

  Our neighbor MERIDA will have their Agriculture Show on my birthday, in my honor, on November 11th. Belizeans are encourage to to to Merida for this YUCATAN PENINSULAR agriculture show.

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