Saturday, October 27, 2012

BELIZE - Former Hostel for sale, turned into residence.

Former FALCONVIEW BACKPACKERS ADVENTURE HOSTEL, turned into a residence the last few years as the owner got older.  The owner now 75 years old, is fighting the battle with cancer.  Wants to clear the property and has put it for sale. The place is too big, for my wife, too live alone when she becomes a widow.

  Located in Hillview, a rural suburb on the side of Green Parrot Valley, of the town of Santa Elena, in the Western foothills of Belize.  The owner has another duplex up the block on the ridge here, and his wife wants to move there, when he dies.  This facility now residence, but formally built as a HOSTEL is for SALE, or you may put half down, and arrange to pay off the balance on a lease/purchase agreement.  We still live in the home right now though, and will do so, until it is sold.

  The home has two separate buildings. The main house, one story, that has an inner, two bedroom house.  Surrounded by a former hostel kitchen and dining area, now used to make things, as in hobbies.  A small office still used for bookshelves, telephone and table, a TV room with chairs and hammocks and two dormitories that slept four persons in each, but are now used for storing weaving stuff for the wife. Three bathrooms for the dormitories.

  The ANNEX building is three stories.  On the bottom floor is the garage and two smaller store rooms. Also a warehouse, that is used to make things, like furniture, and store the usual accumulation of tools and spare materials.  It was originally intended to be a retail store, with a big sliding door facing the street side.  The second floor has a rental apartment, one bedroom with own verandah, ( currently occupied full time ) and the other side of the hall, there is a dormitory with four bunk beds and bathroom.  Still used for visiting children and grandchildren.  The third floor has another; one bedroom apartment, and beautiful view of the Belize River Valley and the Yalback hills, and also looks out on the Eastern slope of nearby Green Parrot Valley. The other side of the stairs and hall, is a fairly big office space.  There used to be a vegetable nursery here, but it was torn down and a brand new building placed in this space on the 3rd floor, opposite the apartment, to provide a large internet business office space. Currently used by Jaguar Capital Management.

  The yard has a nursery for growing flowers and plants.  Plus bearing coconut trees, and papaya trees, along with flowers and other plants. A shed along one side for doing work projects that need more space to work in.  The whole area is fenced and we have two dogs.  The climate is ETERNAL SPRING.  Beautiful place for us to retire and now the end of life is nigh, can only hope someone else, will grow to love living here, as much as I have. Lots of kitchens, bathrooms and space for the largest family, or someone wanting to run a business, and live on the premises.

  Back when it was an active HOSTEL, there are numerous web pages on the internet and have lots of photos of apartments, etc.  FALCONVIEW BACKPACKERS ADVENTURE HOSTEL, you should be able to see some photos there of long ago when we operated the place as a business.


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