Thursday, October 25, 2012


2:10pm Oct 25
"On two separate and distinct occasions earlier this year, I had cause to have land titles transferred into my name. They are unrelated, but the process for both began in June of this year. To date, four months later, I do not yet have a deed in my hand because the deeds are still "at the land's department." These are reputable dealings with above-board principals. So, my question is, what's going on at the Land's Department? How can the Land's Department delay the registration of a deed so long without repercussions? They are denying me a profit by disabling me from re-selling my property. Why is land transfer in Belize such a painful and slow process? Surely, it hasn't helped to reduce fraud, so that excuse won't work."

Long list of complaints from victims of the Lands Department, cannot either find their files and deeds, and waiting too long.  
  The Lands Department used to come under Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister, politician.   A recent scandal in which he was using ALL THE CLERICAL resources of the small LANDS DEPARTMENT, to transfer lands to his family and friends, at far below market values was on television.  Criminal apparently he is; according to television, NOTHING apparently has changed in the UDP CABINET?
  Another point, is that the Lands Department has moved to a new location, someplace near Embassy row.  In the move, presumably they lost a lot of documents and files?
  Harmonyville, were on Television this morning, castigating the UDP government for taking too long and losing their land title files. Screaming, yelling and crying, hinting at violence.
  What the actual problem is:  I don't know?  I was laughing this morning when the HARMONYVILLE people were yelling and screaming about the Lands Department. When they said their documents were lost by the LANDS DEPARTMENT.  Three year service for me, is my normal experience in transfering titles.  By the LANDS DEPARTMENT.
But yes, the PRIVATE SECTOR CANNOT FLOURISH, unable to rapidly transfer deeds.

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