Saturday, October 20, 2012


  RISE AND SHINE TV program sometimes comes up with a good subject. The last good one, was the ACQUAPONICS program, covering a village tilapia and vegetable growing combination in the back yard of a house.  Since then, the program has gone down hill.  Mostly to do with religious pap, yapping like Mullahs in Pakistan, though their version at RISE AND SHINE TV,  has something to do with nonsense ( forget the cult they espouse ), a Bible version.
  Friday was way off the wall.  A bunch of crap about the Citrus Growers Association and the Juice producing factory, controlled by minority shareholders, BANKS from the Eastern Caribbean.  How they got confused I don't know?  They probably were brainwashed by the CEO of the Citrus Growers Association, infamous for his nonsense and personal agenda.

  The whole program, or at least the bits I looked and listened too, were so nonsensical idiot gibberish, I tuned out periodically and watched other things.

  At any rate, the two program hosts, couldn't understand the setup of the juice factory.  Why, I have no idea?  It is perfectly plain to me.  They made a big deal about majority shareholders being ruled by the minority shareholders from the Eastern Caribbean.  Their understanding, left much to be desired and they apparently were willing to spout all kinds of theories, AS FACTS.  Total nonsense.

  Back when BANKS came onto the old citrus factory scenario.  The Citrus Growers Association, had a MONOPOLY by law.  Other growers finally had to go to court and run through a couple of years, of court cases, to get freedom in their ASSOCIATIONS, to form other companies collecting, buying and selling citrus products. They broke the existing MONOPOLY LAW.  The old situation had produced a factory, and this cycle had been so mis-managed over the decades, that the FACTORY of that day, was run so badly in debt, in the tens of millions of dollars, it was on the verge of RECEIVERSHIP, BANKRUPTCY and being sold off for parts, or just the real estate of the factory, at auction.  The Citrus Growers Association had so greedily run the factory, and it happened not once, but several cycles of times, through the decades, that they sucked the money out of the juice factory, for the benefit of the small growers to spend, and never kept up the plant.  BANKS and banks is not a bank, but some sort of citrus juice company in the Eastern Caribbean.  Forget their name now, saw an opportunity to get the benefits of the citrus crop in Belize, which was on the verge of totally collapsing, through mis-management.  They reasoned quite rightly, that they could keep the small and large citrus growers orchards, producing and make a profit, if they could build them a new factory, with modern sales processing lines. The attraction was to acquire the citrus crop product, an existing viable situation, if it could be re-organized.  The problem was the huge debts.  I forget the amount, it was about $64 million or something, either in USA or Bz currency?  Not sure about that.
  At any rate, BANKS came in and offered to buy shares IN THE FACTORY, alone.  Mind you, this was by then, a useless piece of rusted galvanized steel sheeting mostly.  The trouble was, the CITRUS MONOPLY LEGISLATION, the Citrus Growers Association had, through political interference during elections, ( anything for the vote ) led by traditional bad managers, who were only really interested in feathering their own nests at the expense of the citrus industry, owned all the shares for the real estate and plant.    

BANKS offered to pay off the loans that were being called in. For shares and invest more money in modernizing the factory. I don't remember the exact amount, but it was close to, or over a $100 million dollars, for what was a defunct operation, going to be sold at auction.  It puzzled me for a while, why they didn't just wait for the auction.  Later it became clear, that they were trying to stay friends with the Citrus Growers Association, as they had a market, as a distributor, in the Eastern Caribbean, for the whole citrus crop as juices.  During the negotiations, it became clear the Citrus Growers Association, then a MONOPOLY BY LEGISLATION were reluctant to surrender majority shares in the factory.  The stupid greedy leadership people, would rather see the citrus industry in Belize COLLAPSE, than lose control.  So, as I understand it; BANKS agreed to take a MINORITY SHAREHOLDING in the factory, but clearly their major desire, was to guarantee the source of the crop in Belize, which they would distribute.  So, an AGREEMENT was reached, whereby the Citrus Growers Association owned MAJORITY SHARES.  The special agreement, gave BANKS the right to control the FACTORY, provided they let the Board of Directors collapse, controlled by the CITRUS GROWERS ASSOCIATION majority share.  Otherwise their $100 million, whatever, would be money flushed down the toilet. By controlling the FACTORY itself, they were able; to not only pay off all the bad debts of the Citrus Growers Association, but control building new additional factory space, to implement new juice lines, processing, and go for more modern packaged markets, particularly in the Eastern Caribbean, where they were a big distributor. Since then, and since the MONOPOLY BY LEGISLATION for political purposes has been broken, a segment of the larger citrus growers have broken away from the smaller growers old association, which was once dominant and now no longer is. They have formed another company to sell their citrus, and some they do independently and some goes still to the FACTORY, dependent solely by the market place price.  The profit motive is back and the citrus industry has recovered.  Because of BANKS AGREEMENT.  The two groups share the dividends from the factory fairly by share holdings, but FACTORY OPERATING control remains with the INVESTOR.  The trouble is; there is only ONE FACTORY for processing.  By rights, the Small Growers Citrus Association, need to form into a COOPERATIVE, rather than an ASSOCIATION, and start the business of building their own FACTORYseperately, or making contract deals to jointly market their product with this remodeled, debt free, and better managed and run new FACTORY.

  Now RISE and SHINE TV were obviously led astray, when they visited the factory by the CEO and leadership of the Citrus Association?  In previous decades, the cycle had been for Association Growers, to bleed and suck the cash flows out of the citrus factory and pay high salaries and expenses, to their executive, etc.  Eventually, leaving the factory in a mountain of debts, over and over again.

  The deal was; majority shareholders get DIVIDENDS, the MINORITY SHAREHOLDERS get less dividends.  The AGREEMENT contract in the deal, makes sure the Citrus Growers do not interfere with the FACTORY as a profit making company. BANKS gets the product to distribute. What they lose in DIVIDENDS to the Citrus Association, they recoup by markup, as a DISTRIBUTOR in the Eastern Caribbean.  I'm sure they had their accountants closely figure out, how to protect their $100 million investment, and give a return with a profit.  That is as it should be!  The FACTORY is now a FOR PROFIT modern operation and no longer a personal PIGGY BANK for the leadership of the Citrus Growers Association of past times.  Most big producers have already moved into a newer producing company, to get away from the GREED and BAD MANAGEMENT of the old politically created, once legislated bad monopoly, Citrus Association.

  That is the way I see it now!


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