Monday, October 15, 2012

Belize identifies poor nutrition and diet as causes for ill health.

DIET AND NUTRITION identified as problems in Belize, for good health.

Our favorite local diets are only supplying from local sources of agriculture, it is said; enough to supply ONLY 8 minerals.  Breast cancer and ovarian cancers for instance are said to be caused by a lack of manganese.  Low brain power can be corrected with FOLIC ACID.  Most of the health problems in Belize stem from lack of minerals and vitamins.  Hot peppers will supply most vitamins, but children do not eat them, because they are HOT.

  We need 84 minerals a day, to stay healthy.  One step in the right direction is the planting of the JATROPHA tree. As of yet there is not enough production.  The leaves of the tree are excellent dietary substitutes.  Jatropha tea anyone? ( for export? )  The seeds are used to produce oil for running vehicles. Canadian recently wrote me, wanting ten tonnes a month of Jatropha seeds.  I currently buy Jamaican Rose, a dried hibiscus leaf at the local market, for a food supplement and put two leaves in my tea, morning and evening. It is picked over in Guatemala, not in Belize. Don't know why?  Educational news perhaps?

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