Saturday, October 27, 2012


NICHE had a conclave of alternative healers it showed on TV.  Not sure where this was?  Maybe Toledo, or Belmopan in the center of the country?  It had not been advertised in the news media anyway. Came as a surprise. The idea was to try to get herbal cures, and alternative means of healing out into mainstream, and even develop an export business.  GOOD IDEA!
  At the moment, antibiotics imported from abroad are the major treatments offered by medical doctors trained within establishment guidelines.  Both doctors and hospitals I am finding out first hand, can offer nothing for cancer patients. Other than surgery, chemo, and radiation.  Apparently, which do not solve more than a few percentage points of cases?  So far, it seems to be the kiss of death, depending on type.  USA statistics say that 70% of people developing cancer, die eventually, either sooner, or later from the problem. 
Whereas those using alternative medicine, herbal and such, only die of cancer at 64% of cancer cases.
The thrust by NICHE was to develop and expand the capabilities of alternative medicine types.  A hospital is a great place to be if having a baby, or fixing broken bones and injuries from falls, and car accidents.  CANCER seems to be not doing well at all, for standard treatments, by trained medical doctors and hospitals.

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