Wednesday, October 31, 2012


PROTEST MEETING TODAY AT POMONA BY SMALL GROWERS.  THE PLUS TV CLIPS WERE BRIEF.  They did show two POLITICAL AGITATORS stirring up the crowd with disinformation and twisted truths.  One agitator was Melvin Hulse. Didn't know the other fellow.  The growers looked young and campesinos.  They probably do not have internet computers, or other means to educate themselves.  I feel sorry for them, as they were obviously from this OUTSIDER's viewpoint being stirred up and led astray by people in the CGA with twisted and half baked lies, scattered with a smattering of truth, in order to convince them.  I suspect the leadership and agitators are fighting over getting salaries and position, off the CGA membership.  Saw it over decades in my own Northern Fishing Cooperative.  Always the same!
  Last night caught a program on Love FM interviewing some government bureaucrat. Didn't get a name, but he proved both CGA and Rise and Shine TV program were spreading lies and untruths.  Shame on the guy who calls himself a Christian Pastor.  According to the LoveFM interview, the bureaucrat represented the government in the meeting last week, in which the opening of the FACTORY and price stuff was discussed and agreed upon.  CGA were there, the other ASSOCIATION where in it, and Banks Holdings operator of the FACTORY was there in the meeting.  The government bureaucrat did say, that this meeting last week DID agree on the start of receiving GRAPEFRUIT only.  Which makes Rise and Shine PASTOR,  a dumb hoodwinked country bumpkin, in my book.  So, both Rise and Shine TV and CGA are LIARDS from this outsider's viewpoint, each with their own agenda.  TV program probably seeking advertising dollars and circulation, OBVIOUS from an outside viewpoint.  No matter if it is coated in CHRISTIAN BULLSHIT rhetoric..
  The government representative did say, there is a problem with the CITRUS ACT, as it has not yet been amended, as there are now by LAW, allowed by the Supreme Court more than one ASSOCIATION.  The government will fix that.  However the CGA agitators in it for their own benefit obviously, pushed the facts and squirreled them around a bit, to make themselves look good.  Too bad for the illiterate less smart CGA membership?
  One lie, I didn't like, is that the CGA hold 51 % of the shares in the FACTORY.  This is not true, as while they are holding the shares, they owe the OTHER Association membership ( forget the title ) 10.2% holding of that portion of shares and have not transferred them yet.  In fact, they are such swindlers in the CGA I doubt they will EVER give the other former members their share of the FACTORY shares?  You can know people by their actions, not by what they say. They haven't given over the shares in the FACTORY yet, some 10.2% of what the CGA is holding, so nuff said on that.
  There was supposed to be another meeting today I believe, for agreeing on price and delivery dates for oranges, if I remember the Love FM interview properly?  In the meantime, the stirred up small growers in the CGA, are ruining themselves based on the crap the agitators are handing out as disinformation, and holding off delivering grapefruit for four days.  Who do they think they are hurting?  Only themselves!
  There was a blurb on FACEBOOK, by another TV station.  Not sure what station that is, but it said the SMALL GROWERS in the CGA grouping were demanding their RIGHTS.  I cannot figure out what rights?
They really only hold 40.8 % of the shares in the FACTORY, the other 10.2% belong to their former members who were forced out in  disagreements with the bad management and had to form their own ASSOCIATION.  NOW they have rights by longevity to 10.2% of those shares.  So are the CGA stealing them?  Seems so, from this outsider's viewpoint?
  As to CONTROL, this is based on the LEGAL AGREEMENT signed by CGA leadership for the membership long ago.  Melvin Hulse  gave another lie, and said that was not important.  Which made me wonder if he had a hand in it, long ago?
  ALL the growers in both ASSOCIATIONS,  lost CONTROL OF THE FACTORY by the legal agreement.  Like any SWINDLERS, CON MEN, AND CRIMINALS, the agitators and leadership OF THE CGA,  are convincing the CGA membership that they are entitled to swindle the investor out of his LEGAL AGREEMENT that they signed.  Sounds Belizean for true!  Just my opinion from watching and listening to the TV talk shows and the newspapers.  I think the CGA need to reform, or restructure into a COOPERATIVE, they will not go anywhere as an ASSOCIATION, except let people take advantage of them, in order to raid the CGA treasury for salaries and benefits, at the membership expense.  Saw it come and go in cycles in our Fishing Cooperative history. Personal greed and human nature at work.  This is all old story to me, from Caye Caulker. Instead of lobster and fish, it is about citrus fruit.

  What the SWINDLERS and CRIMINALS in the CGA are trying to do, according to later and different TV channel news and talk shows.  Is harass, Banks Holding Ltd., from Barbados, who put tens of millions into the citrus factory, in return for SHARES and CONTROL, in a LEGAL AGREEMENT and try to inconvenience them ( Banks Holdings Ltd ) so much; they give up their money to the CGA, by giving them back CONTROL.  Failing that, the strategy was explained by the media, that the CGA otherwise, will cause and are causing, POLITICAL BLACKMAIL on the party in power, of our government. They want OUR GOVERNMENT and OUR TAXES, to BUY OUT Banks Holdings Ltd. and give them back the whole investment.  Disregarding there is another ASSOCIATION of growers nowadays and will be in the future probably more fruit growing associations, cooperatives and processors. The whole business from day one, going back to the original LEGAL AGREEMENT BY CGA,  I interpret, is to get TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS invested,  FREE!  They are pre-meditated SWINDLERS AND CROOKS.  Apparently, their credit is no good.  They can't borrow from anybody, as they are untrustworthy swindlers.  Are using parades, media and a lot of harassment on legitimate people doing real business.  The latest is to EXTORT from our joint government, the tens of millions in a screwy loan, to the CGA.  They are acting like a MAFIA gang, not serious small business people.  I wish them well in ordinary times, but cannot understand why they don't form a a cooperative, or different district area cooperatives and pool resources like we fishermen have done throughout the nation.  This EXTORTION, lies and swindling by the CGA, offends my sense of propriety.  Much as I sympathize with smaller groups of producers, THIS just smells and acts, TOO BLOODY BAD for me.  When they try to help themselves and form cooperatives, the government has at least this voter's vote, to assist them somewhat, to start again. But OPENLY to go about STEALING tens of millions of dollars, either from Banks Holdings Ltd., or from our political elected government, via EXTORTION, I cannot countenance.  They made a deal, now stick to it, and if there are consequences you don't like, then start over and learn from it.  You don't go screwing the rest of us hard working people in the country out of our taxes, the government has to spend on infra-structure.

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