Thursday, October 25, 2012



  When you get cancer you get desperate!  Thats when the medical establishment gets you.

  Yesterday we picked up a $50 bottle of  Jungle Remedies Cancer cure. From Harry Guy, off the Bullet Tree road.  Made of Sour Sop tree leaves and bark.  Something called CATSLEW and possibly a few other things.  Man o' man, does that STUFF taste TERRIBLE!  As a young boy, when medicine tasted bad, my mother would tell me, that is a sure sign of it working good.  Yikes!  This Jungle Remedies stuff, is really bitter!

  Then my granddaughter in London, Canada, tells me of the CARROT cure.  Apparently you have to eat RAW, ( you juice them ) 5 lbs of carrots a day.  You can include BEETS.  Back to the market today I guess and buy some stock!

  Darn! The end of delicious food.  Got to be raw vegetables like this for 3 months. Something about detoxifying the body.  I think this morning I will splurge and try to finish up my white French Bread role, with butter and MARMITE. ( bad for me, but oh, so delicious. ) Then by lunch time, will go on the carrot and beet diet.  Man o man!  I'm not sure life is going to be worth living now? There are beets in the market.  Will try to stock up, before they stop importing them again. Carrots are no problem, imported and grown locally all year around.

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