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 - URL above for more technical data, from the Belize Cancer Center, of Belize, on Pine Street in the coastal town of Dangriga.   If you can't read this, then go to the url website.  There is more data if you are interested in it.  With 3 years from it's beginnings, this is the only Cancer Center in the country of Belize.  It is also the only one to publish statistics of their patients.  If you have Cancer, you will be swamped with amateur doctor surgeons, claiming they can treat you. Ask them for their statistics before you go for the Used Car salesman spiel.  You will find they are not professional really and have no statistics they want to publish publicly.  This Center is the only one in Belize, giving the full gamut of professional Cancer treatments, from surgery, chemo and radiation.  Of 120 patients in the past three years treated, 96 are still alive and 24 deceased.  There are many cancers and depending on the type you have, location and other criteria, whether you survive or not, depends on many variables.  The survival rate here is on a par with any USA cancer treatments.  Or Mexican, or Guatemalan, or Cuban.
  This is a NON PROFIT FOUNDATION supported CLINIC, by donations. EVERYBODY with Cancer in Belize, rich or poor will get treated.  You donate what you can afford.  This dedicated CANCER CLINIC has to pay for materials, staff wages, utilities and machines.  So donations are needed if you can spare any?

Port City Medical Mafia, JEALOUS of the BELIZE CANCER CLINIC in Dangriga.

  I've got cancer, waiting on my biopsy results now.  Made the rounds of Cancer doctors diagnostics in Guatemala and Belize.  Then researched the statistics for survival and death statistics, etc.  Visited 7 doctors in Belize, 3 clinics and 2 hospitals.  Nobody ( the doctors anyway )  thought much of  the Belize Cancer Clinic down in Dangriga.  I had only vaguely heard of them.  Dangriga being an out of the way kind of place. Out of 7 diagnostics, I got 5 different diagnoses.  Bunch of klutzes in Belize, or they are all about making money.  Then I ran into the real deal, with statistics I could compare to World averages.  Or the USA.  What a shock, all you get from the other medical crowd in Belize is HYPE and excuses and bull manure.  They are about making money.

  They BELIZE CANCER CLINIC of Dangriga, have statistics on types of cancers and their success and death rates.  Compared them to the world averages and found them RIGHT ON.  THEY MUST BE VERY GOOD!  I had been researching these past few days, seeking a place to treat my Cancer, that I could afford.  Guatemala City, Merida, and Cuba.  Price was also my major concern, being a poor old man fisherman and boat builder.  Thought I would never find a place to treat me, I could afford. I mean Cancer is big business and we are talking $50,000 to over $100,000 for treatment. This one in Dangriga dedicated to CANCER TREATMENT, is not only good, it is a NON-PROFIT, organized and run by a Belizean Doctor in Los Angeles, who travels to Belize every two months to treat local patients.  You pay what you can!  A means test, sort of like KMH. After going through all the comparisons with hospitals and clinics all over four countries, was I ever surprised to find one that was as good as any, right here, that could be found anywhere else, or even the USA.  The statistics tell the tale.  159 cases covering all kinds of cancers.  The statistics of those 159 cases, already treated in Belize are WORLD CLASS.  Even, with the best of them.   Told my wife, forget the phone calls to Merida and Guatemala City, I'm going right here.

  Excited now about treatment.  Waiting on my biopsy results and will drive down to Dangriga next Wednesday to have a video conference with the Belizean Doctor who resides and works in Los Angeles.  WHO WOULD EVER THOUGHT IT?   A WORLD CLASS CANCER CLINIC SERVICE in Dangriga of all places, that is right up there with the WORLD AVERAGES for successful treatments.  WOW!

  The clinic is also doing a National Registry for statistics on Cancer in Belize, for international medical forums.  Why the heck don't we hear more about these type of things in the media?


Hi Ray, I can attest to that clinic's usefulness to Belize, and their ability to treat certain cancers as good as any other.  And it is true that the Belize city medics talk them down.  I believe that is because of the money they loose when patients go to Dr. Grant and his clinic in Dangriga.  You see, the private hospitals and doctors in Belize City get a commission from the Mexican and Guatemalan clinics that they refer patients to.

Dr. Grant does not charge people who they treat.  They accept donations to help defray the cost of being in operation from those who can afford it.  Dr. Grant uses his own resources to be able to treat people in Belize.

His care of my niece who had stage 4 lung cancer permitted her to live a good quality of life for two years after the doctors in Guatemala had told us she only had a few days to live.  We will always be grateful to him and the Cancer Center.

Good luck. 

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