Wednesday, September 19, 2012

5 cheapest nice places to retire on Social Security in the USA

This article was listing 5 nice places you can retire on your small social security alone,  in the USA.  It is the most hilarious article I have ever read about old age retirement in the USA.  I get my $265 Social Security cheque every month as a  75 year old.  Have no other income, only some savings which is declining faster than I like.  I literally laughed myself silly over this nonsense. They were assuming I would get a minimum $2500 a month Social Security.  Yeah sure mon! What kind of world do such people live in?  Mystifies me.
  Thats why I'm retired in Central America, rural Western Belize in the foothills of the Belize Alps.  I could never make it anyplace in the USA, except beneath New York City maybe, living in the subway tunnels with a cardboard box for a mattress.   Or under a Freeway OVERPASS, done that too.  Who you kidding mon?  That utopia does not exist except in the fantasies of government bureauratic pensioners.  Not MY REAL WORLD.

Article selection:

It’s sometimes hard to imagine life in retirement, but picture living on Social Security alone. Assume all you earn is $2,500 a month, the maximum check a worker currently receives at full retirement age from Social Security. Where can you comfortably pay taxes, afford housing and still have some left over to actually enjoy retirement? Sounds impossible but with the help of AARP The Magazine, which recently presented its annual list of best places to live on a budget, we narrowed down five American destinations where it is possible to live on a simple Social Security paycheck.

Editor Gabby Redford assumed an average 25% tax rate and a monthly housing budget of about $400 but also sought attractive areas well-suited for seniors. Redford says affordability was key to AARP’s search but wasn’t the only factor. “We looked at arts and culture, hiking and biking trails, education opportunities, great healthcare facilities - all the things that make a city a really great place to live,” she says.  etc. etc. - bunch of garbage for 58% of Americans.

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