Monday, September 24, 2012


    Finally located a CAT SCAN in the twin towns of Western Belize.  All the doctors are telling me, I have to go to the coastal port of Belize City to get a CAT SCAN.  Then one doctor finally broke down and told me there was one, at La Loma Luz hospital.  Went and checked it out and yes they do have a CAT SCAN.  They send the scan by email to a radioologists in the port for interpretation.  Who cares?  I was not going to make that 12 hour trip there and back to the port town down on the coast.  Rather have a chance on having cancer.

  I was puzzling why none of the doctors around the TWIN TOWNS were telling me this.  The wife came up with the solution.  There are several CAT SCANS in the port of Belize City, but one of them is giving COMMISSIONS, or KICKBACKS, to the TWIN TOWNS doctors, so they are telling their patients they have to go to Belize City to get it.  Anywhere from $40 to $150 backsheesh, it is guessed.  Sheesh!  USA medicine practices coming to Belize mon!  These doctors around here getting GREEDY.

  Came back from my La Loma Luz hospital CAT SCAN.  ( $350 bz, $175 USA ) and got a story from technician, that the machine had been broken down for about a year and just started work again with their testing services, a month ago.  So, it could possibly be that Western doctors do not yet know the CAT SCAN testing service is available again?  They will advertise it, she said.

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