Saturday, September 15, 2012

Belize laws cramp export manufacturing. One example.

The hemp oil export business, we are forbidden by Belize laws to do in Belize!  When you need taxes and government revenues and rising GDP, you bureaucrats and politicians, better start putting EXPORTS first and forget all the crap coming out of the old fashioned port of Belize City environs, academic intellectual crowd, living off salaries. Any success is always done with bulldogged determination, perseverance, despite the naysayers. You don't argue with exports that grow GDP.  Only if it is illegal at the export destination.  NEVER in the manufacturing country source.  It is pure craziness to make local laws forbidding manufacturing for any reason.  Remember when MUSA passed a law to forbid building weapons for export to police forces, around the world.  Rumor had it, the USA prompted him to do so, they didn't want any competition for the Latin American , police force, market with their own manufacturing.  That kind of attitude in the bureaucracy and in the political level, condemns Belize to FOURTH WORLD LEVEL. Just another raw commodity provider.

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