Sunday, September 23, 2012


Baking Soda as a medicine !

1) Take a small teaspoon, only fill it a quarter and put it in a half a glass of water.  Take it morning and evening.  

2)  Cures Flue and Colds by turning your stomach alkaline.  Virus diseases like acidic conditions. When your stomach is too acid, you are going to get sick.

3)  Take it on an empty stomach.

4)  Do not take more than seven half glasses per 24 hours.  If you are over 60 years, limit your intake to 3 or less.

5)  It works by keeping your stomach at a Ph level of 7.0.  Ph is measured from 1 to 14.  Baking Soda is 14 and will reduce an acidic stomach, when you are overproducing acid and bring you into equilibrium.

6)  Virus sickness likes an acidic environment like colds and flu.   You need to do this at the beginning symptoms of a cold, or flu.

7)  If you  have acid reflux, a half small teaspoon in one inch of water in a glass, will fix you better than any drugstore remedies.

8)  Sugar rich foods, and diet, cause your body to make anti-acid, so you have to bring your stomach back more alkaline to a 7.0 state.

9)  For fungus problems on nails and toes, colloidal silver works better than baking soda.

10)  Depending on your water supply in the house, you should if having problems in health, check the PH of the water.  Reverse Osmosis water systems are higher alkalinity.  Taking baking soda would make it more alkaline.

11)  Baking soda is not the same stuff as baking powder, or bicarbonate soda.

12) Baking soda is good for heartburn.

13)  Usually if you need baking soda, you are eating improperly for your body.  Your problem is your diet.  Can't go wrong by cutting out meat, and becoming vegetarian.  Vegetables and fruit diet will make you healthy.  Boring maybe as hell, but healthy and long lived.


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