Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The government of Belize is trying very hard, with no experience in the subject matter, to try and attract investment in local light manufacturing for export small industries.  We have a ready market next door, the 15 million population Guatemalan market, only tapped in a small way, with beans, corn and cattle.  Most of which is allowed to export over the porous border unopposed without red tape. Guatemalan buyers show up at the farms to buy the stuff and truck it across by back roads.

  Recently a new endeavor offered through a lackadaisical dysfunctional government department called BELTRAIDE is now offering to drop taxes to a minimum, on materials imported, or machinery to be used,  for re-exporting the finished product.  I don't know how that will work out and am now too old to try it.  Certainly I would enter into any arrangement with BELTRAIDE with caution.  ALL is not usually as it seems when dealing officially with government departments.  What they say, and what it ends up costing you are unwelcome financial surprises. Still they mean well, and want light manufacturing to succeed badly. They are just not too sure how to go about it yet.  They are offering entrepreneurs, local or foreign, to do your marketing research for you.  THAT remains to be tested in the real world economical situation.  So, I would not at all, in my own case, rely on any such offers. Belize is a pioneer country, for people who love overcoming challenges.  Start small and build up, with pilot projects.  Run it through the red tape yourself first and see if it is something that will work for you.

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