Friday, September 7, 2012


Belize - Nominal Fiscal Balance
  You notice the last three bars of fiscal balance and the declining black line representing GDP, is agreeing with my previous last week's forecast estimate of declining GDP Trend.  Mine was just a back of the envelope type guess estimate.  With declining oil revenues, it is to me at least a foregone conclusion. Throw in the ACT OF WAR by the US TREASURY on our Southern banana economy, without any facts, court cases, jury trials of alleged persons accused by them in the USA under their KING PIN ACT; then you have a whole lot of lost government revenues over the next three years.  It is possible a DEBT DEFAULT could ease the pain and speed the recovery of the economy, but revenues simply do not support the cost of government in it's current size, under current economic circumstances.

*****  A suggestion has been made, I don't understand the graph?  That is entirely possible!  I probably don't, but my conclusions remain the same. 

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