Tuesday, September 11, 2012

False religion nutcases in Belize.

 Religious fanatics, promoting their version of what GOD wants!  Liars all! Scoundrels pushing false religions. Willing to kill, to make their point as a suicide bomber.
 This suicide bomber is going to get a big surprise when he finds out, there is NO HEAVEN, or HELL.  Now the young male is promised in the Muslim religion, a heaven with 72 young virgins at his disposal in a beautiful garden.  What I can't figure out, is what the young girl suicide bomber gets out of it?  Her heaven is nothing but a slave, or pet, a possession of the men.  Why does she choose to be a suicide bomber based on her religion.
 The warped mind of a Belizean false religion prostylizer fanatic. He is making his fame in the small PORT TOWN, Belizean society based on false religions.  Loves the limelight and to be quoted in the press. Those media types give him steady coverage, because they are too damned lazy to get out in the nation and find out what the real majority of population think.  The media think the port town, one little town, is ALL of Belize.  Bah!  HUMBUG!
On the right on the TV show Rise and Shine, another guy in pink shirt, pushing his fanatical viewpoints of false religions for his own purposes. Don't know his name, but most of these guys are intelligent and articulate and love the limelight and ability to sway a small segment of the Belize population, susceptible to their nonsensical blatherings to do with a false man made religion. GOD has no religion, or church, temple, or mosque. Nor  holy books.  God doesn't even speak English, or Spanish, or Chinese.

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