Sunday, September 23, 2012


  There are I am surprised to say:  SEVEN steel bands in the country of Belize.  I believe they are in Belmopan the capital and the port of Belize City.  They played for INDEPENDENCE DAY.

  I tuned in quite by accident on Saturday and caught a replay, of the steel bands.  The first one, was the Pantempters, I believe?  Either I'm getting too old, or they seemed SO YOUNG.  Some of the kids in the front row, were really bouncing with the rythmm of the music they were playing.  Probably not more than between 12 and 16 years old.  I had to hide my face from my wife when she came in to see what I was watching on TV.  My eyes were just brimming tears, ( it didn't seem manly somehow ) with joy and pride in what is happening in Belize.  I know how long it takes to produce a band, having been a cornet player in one at age 16 years.  The delight was in seeing them bobbing and weaving with the rythmm as they played with all their hearts.  What I loved, was when one girl, who would take a quick glance at a neighboring friend and then both would break out in a GRIN of unadulterated JOY. It was so uplifting and HAPPY.

  We seem to get nothing but a steady message of a BAD BELIZE on the media TV out of the port.  Gory killings, gang bangers, robbers, burglaries, muggings.  This music by these seven steel bands, put the lie to the message the PORT TOWN TV media are sending us in the other districts, about life in Belize.  Those kids, are going to remember this chapter in their lives until they die.  I know I do!  Nor are they going to be troublesome kids or adults.  Well rounded kids, having learned the lesson, that results and success come from constant perseverance in whatever challenges and endeavors you face through life. ALL can be achieved if you want it enough.  Damned, I was so PROUD of this generation of Belizean youth.

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