Sunday, September 23, 2012

Useful comments from foreigners on Belize.

NICE BLOG We are honored to seek an opportunity of doing business with your prestigious company. To further explore the possibility I would like to give a brief description what we are purchasing from three excellent suppliers at these moment. MORINGA SEEDS 2,000 Kgs/Mo----> But We Need 4,000 kg/mo MORINGA LEAVES {DRIED or GREEN} 5 Tons/Mo---->But We Need 10 Tons/Mo We'll increase the amount in a very near future. Quality: Must comply with US. {FDA Regulations} for human consumption. Packing: We are packing our products after Lab Checked By Air or Sea: We prefer by air Periodicity Uptakes: Per Month Final Destination: Lynn, Ma (Warehouse) Payments: Parties agreement We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership. NOTE: We could Take some time to answer because we are receiving thousands of proposal{we apology for the delay} Sincerely, RAFAEL SUAZO NAME: RAFAEL SUAZO COMPANY: ELIAS PRODUCTION & IMPORTER, INC. ADDRESS: 21a MARKET SQ , on BELIZE- THE MIRACLE MORINGA TREE IN BELIZE!


  Travelers Rum need to contact this Canadian buyer?

I reside in Canada. How do I contact the Export service of this corporation ? on BELIZE - ONE BARREL RUM TAKES CANADIAN IMPORT MARKET 


THE E.U. RECOMMENDED STANDARD IS 3% OF GDP. You are again misleading your readers. 3% DEFICIT, which is not the same as 3% DEBT. The accumulation of all annual deficits = total debt. The United States has 102% Debt/GDP as of May 2012, higher than Belize's 80% Debt/GDP. Inform yourself: on BELIZE UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT REVIEW - 2012
on 6/22/12
Hello, I thought I would pay you a visit. Your posts on agriculture are highly informative. Your posts on Belize's External Debt are not, and are even misleading. Superbond outstanding: US$546.79 million. The Super Bond is less than half of total external debt. The rest is multilateral debt. on BELIZE GOVERNMENT PLANS TO DEFAULT IN AUGUST WITH SUPERBOND INTERNATIONAL DEBT
 Ahh well!  My apologies, I only print what is in the local newspapers.

You probably aren't even aware that the Venezuelan Government owns an important slice of the Superbond. You still want Belize to default on Venezuela? not anymore. on Venezuelan assistance to socialism in Belize is much appreciated.

I worry that if the ICJ were to suggest arbitration or not fully support Belize's territorial integrity, Guatemala might be emboldened militarily. Guatemala has no rational claim on Belize, and unless a favorable verdict is absolutely certain, trying this claim in the ICJ could be disastrous. on THE MYSTERY OF WHY THE UDP GOVERNMENT IS MESSING WITH GUATEMALA AND THE ICJ? 

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