Wednesday, September 19, 2012


  I saw a documentary on TV the other afternoon.  It really disturbed me.  Because I could not tell, if the documentary was relating real facts, or just entertainment, to make a dollar.  As entertainment, it got me by the throat and I was fascinated.  I'd like to know more about it?  On the other hand, if it was based on genuine case histories, I have no clue what to think anymore.

  The documentary was done with actors.  What made it meaningful and separated it from pure entertainment fantasy, was the showing of the real people involved, versus the dramatization with actors, while the story was going on.

  It told the story of this lady pyschiatrist, with two kids, in Alaska practicing her profession.  She had a patient who was having voices in his head telling him things. Sometimes as a voice and other times as some sort of mental exchange.  Anyway, to help the patient she put him under mild hypnosis, for submerged memory recovery.  In my youth I was good at hypnosis myself and had  a stage show and also taught a couple of doctors one time, in Louisiana. So the use of hypnosis attracted my attention.  The doctor, video and audio taped everything in her office.  She always had at least one witness present. Sometimes two.  Anyway this sick guy in recall, started screaming, and his body raised up off the bed a foot or so.  When she stopped the session, he dropped back on the bed.  But apparently broke three vertebrae in his neck and was paralyzed from the neck down thereafter.  The video and audio, showed the physical manifestations, but also had a strange gibberish voice speaking.  The Alaska local police chief wanted to arrest her, for the accident.  She was later not prosecuted, as the video clearly showed, she had no part in the guy's events. She was at least ten feet away.  Unexplained phenomena.  She got a Phd professor, in ancient languages and he identified the language as ancient Sumerian and translated it. Going back to Genesis and the beginning of humanity, or something. The mysterious voice coming from the screaming guy's voice, said several things, but basically said he was GOD.  I think I remember the name of the GOD as AN.
  Anyway, she the doctor, also underwent hypnosis by a peer and it turned out she had been abducted as in UFO stories, as a child and something done to her rear shoulder.  She also screamed. Speculation was that an extra terrastrial entity had been in the patient's body and left the body, causing the vertabrae to break in the process.  I later thought of the many stories of Catholic possession by demons.  I don't really believe any of that kind of stuff, and not particularly believing we are visited by extra terrestrials.
  At any rate, after some other things, she wanted to move away from her house and area, but the local police chief didn't believe her, and held her responsible for the patient's accident. He had a police guard on her house.  Apparently the cop, sitting in his cruiser, saw a big black space ship float over the house, with a bright light.  He gave evidence of what he saw.  The female doctor mother was in her room, with her young daughter about 5 years old and an older boy about 11.  She said a bright light came down through the ceiling and her daughter disappeared, as in UFO stories and like Star Trek movies.  The local SHERIFF wanted to charge her, and did everything to try and make her confess to what had happened to her daughter. She had a nervous breakdown.  It went on a bit from here, but voice of the entity said it would not let her daughter go.
  Life moved on, and the sheriff and is now retired.  The witness, the Phd Sumerian linguist is now a full tenured professor the documentary said, in Canada and had left Alaska.  Apparently the FBI investigated many times, but found nothing.  The whole thing in our reality is simply UNEXPLAINED by the logic and physics we know. It was claimed there are over 700 such cases in Alaska alone, but many around the world.
  NOW THIS WAS A HELL OF A GOOD DOCUMENTARY!  For entertainment value.  Or if the facts are true, leaves us with a puzzle of entities messing with the human population of Earth for 13,000 years or so, maybe longer.  I got the impression we were some kind of human cattle being cropped. An entity that uses a spaceship does not strike me as GOD, just an advanced being. But one that can live for 13,000 or more years leaves me puzzled, and or exist inside a human body without the person knowing it.
  Nobody could prove anything against the lady doctor.  The two witnesses and the video and audio tapes were self explanatory.  The events, just not believable to our type of mind. I'd like to know though, if the documentary was just entertainment, or covered actual real life events.


 REINCARNATION AND PROVEN PAST LIVES MEMORIES ( more commonly found and proven in India )

Hi Ray,

You wondered how a guy could break out in some Sumerian language from over 3000 years ago and also wondered how that could be possible. The answer is easy: he, the person motivating that body this lifetime, spoke from a much earlier lifetime in Sumeria. Something in his mind triggered the memory. So what is the mind? Nothing else but a recording, playback and storage machine which we carry around with us from lifetime to lifetime. It's not even a calculating machine, the person does the calculating and analyses what does into the mind. The "database" of the mind is wonderfully indexed by our physical 5 perceptions subdivided by some 50 odd perceptics. Just the smell of the sea can trigger memories going back to childhood if one was near the sea as a child. That could also trigger memories of seafaring many, many lifetimes ago, usually not taken seriously and written off as "imagination" or "fantasy". That is also an exception, happens seldom. Why?
Because between lives, between death and rebirth, a false purpose, implanted into the mind by devious people a long, long time ago, is rekindled: "you are to forget everything". So we don't remember everything from past lives. BUT . . . . the memories ARE there, cannot be deleted, and can be touched upon under special circumstances, e.g. hypnosis, which I don't recommend. Often, on drugs trips parts come to the fore and get horribly twisted making for those bad trips.
So you need to know just what you are and what happens when you "die". First of all, you are NOT your body you use, just like you are not the hammer you use to drive a nail into timber. It's just a tool to move about and do things in the physical universe, like building a boat. Secondly, you are NOT your mind either, It is another tool that helps in building a boat. What is left? YOU, the being motivating the body you use now and is letting you down. We are now in the field of religion. Don't get a fright, it's nothing bad. I use the word religion in the definition which was valid up to 170 years ago: THE LOVE AND PURSUIT OF WISDOM. Then psychiatry (I refer to that as sickiatry because they are sick beyond belief) 170 or so years ago altered that into "some belief in a higher deity", completely and utterly wrong. 
So I'm passing on some wisdom, knowledge from my own experience to you and hope you gain some succour from that in the months to come.  I really hope you do.
A bit more about you, the being. What does a being operate on, with? Affinity (positive or negative) for other beings and the physical universe, communication (or intended lack of) with other beings and the physical universe and sharing reality with other beings. Understanding is made up of all 3 items.
About death, not suicide:
a being will disconnect from a body when it is no longer useful or will not any longer operate the way he/she wants it to AND TAKE ITS MIND WITH IT. The being will slowly rise up out of the body, often will "see" it lying there and "hear" people talking. Usually the being hangs around to see that the body is disposed of according to the mores he/she lived with. When the body is disposed of the being might decide to have a look around and hang about town, so to speak, until it, no gender now, gets bored. After all, it cannot interact with the physical universe much. At being bored something else happens: the being will see a bright, warm, welcoming light and goes into it with the feeling"I'm going home" - WRONG!! (This bright light has been reported over and over again from near-death-experiences)  DON'T DO THAT IF YOU GET TO SEE THIS LIGHT. That is the trap which revitalises the "forgetter" implant and spits you out again. Sometimes a love between partners has been so great that it will hang around until the partner departs life too. At which point they lose any contact at all.
About birth:
After having been spat out it decides to find a new one - a baby in the process of being born. Sometimes 2 or even 3 beings want that body - the most aware being will win that battle - literally a battle of wills. AT THAT POINT THE "FORGETTER" KICKS IN and the child will remember nothing of its immediate past life or any other past life.
That does not always work, the most wellknown is the case of the 8 or 10 year old Indian  girl who recognised her killer from her last life. Her testimony and evidence was checked by the police, all was found to be true, even to the location of the body which nobody knew about, it was assumed she had run away. Her killer was arrested and jailed. There are numerous other cases like this, not all murders, but not so well researched and documented.
Kids often remember instances from past lifetimes - these always get laughed at and done down with "that's just imagination", or "you have a livid fantasy", or "you can't remember that", all these reinforce the forgetter in a new unit of time. This is part of the hell on this earth. We create that for each other, but we create heaven on this earth for each other too, often. Neither of them are found outside of the physical universe, nor is there some kind of god to be found. You are, you do, you have, that is the game.
OK, end of lesson. I can take my Minister's hat off again, grin. Any questions are welcome, I might or might not answer them. Again, I hope this is of at least some help to you.
Do well,
Bill Holly, Germany. 

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