Sunday, September 2, 2012

Belize going to lose the Chiquibul and Colombia Reserves to Guatemala?


  Here at home in Belize, we have the confusing issue of a USA GOVERNMENT seemingly either acting ; so one USA department, doesn’t know what another US Department is doing?  On the one hand, the media is trumpeting the gift of some equipment to the Belize Coast Guard, and the BDF, both of which sort of work for the US government, as a mercenary force at OUR  taxpayers expense.  Though equipped by the USA by equipment gifts.  At least the country gets some jobs out of it.  Salaries help the economy. 
  On the other hand, the US Treasury Department trashed the BANANA industry and economy of the Stann Creek Valley here and has impacted negatively the revenues of the GOVERNMENT OF BELIZE , to the tune of over a $150 million dollars.  Using nonsensical verbal pyrotechnics, with no confirmations, or backups, or proofs, when they implemented the USA KINGPIN ACT ( closing all banking activities, through threatening associate bank losses in the US,  to banks in Belize, to close the economy of banana plantations in the Stann Creek Valley.)  ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE PROVING THEIR US TREASURY ALLEGATIONS, supposedly justifying the use of the KING PIN ACT over the past 16 years, has been presented to the government of Belize, to enable local  prosecutions.  AN ACT OF WAR, IF EVER THERE WAS ONE.

  In balance, while the Belize government got some equipment free of charge donated by the USA,  to fight their wars in South and Central America on drug smuggling, the Belize Coast Guard and the Belize Defense Force being the recipients;  the economic losses to the nation and the loss of revenues to the Government of Belize are the greater, from the effects of the KING PIN ACT of the US TREASURY.  Like myself, most of the people on the streets are scratching their heads, wondering what the hell is going on?  We are at war for our economy and our small government seems incapable of developing any workable strategies, or defending what we have, against our big neighbor to the North.
  Needless to say, this war by the USA being carried out all over the Americas, and in particular in the neighboring PETEN of Guatemala, as a covert war is really gaining momentum.  There is a new counterinsurgency program going on in the PETEN next door, spilling over into Belize.  The war is by the Guatemalan new President Molina, an ex military man of the Guatemalan Army,  allegedly receiving USA funding; news reports hint, to carry war against indigenous communities living near, or in, two major bio diversity parks, or corridors in the North West section of the PETEN, that protrudes into MEXICO.   It isn’t just about drugs either.  There are three campaigns going on here.  The land nearby is being cleared in surreptitious means of local indigenous residents and ranches.  The Guatemalan Army is being used to put check points for blocking supplies to reach small farmers villages in the North West Peten. The foreign press is arguing that this is intended to implement large scale commercial farming companies, over those of small farmer cooperatives. The Guatemalan government is using the pretext of drug smuggling fighting, to kill two birds with one stone. Clear the land of indigenous people, small farmers for future big scale farming and also to complicate drug smuggling along the tracks and roads in this remote region.  Actually it is not so remote.  There are COLLECTIVOS ( small van buses) YOU CAN TRAVEL ON CHEAPLY AND RAPIDLY TO ALL THESE VILLAGES, usually every hour.  The USA is apparently using the strategies, used in both Mexico and Colombia, the media report.  The Guatemalan military has been long known to be a MAFIA group, into all the big rackets using enforcement, and the drug trade just happens to be the most lucrative right now.
  Nobody has mentioned the newer oil companies moving in.  Oil is produced for Guatemala government revenues in this same area and pipe lined to the Caribbean coastal port of Puerto Barrios.  More exploration is going on and oil well drilling. Calgary based Quatrro exploration and Production has acquired 800,000 acres of concessions in less than the last year.  The Southern Peten is destined for bio fuel agriculture production on a massive scale.  The New York Wild Life Conservation Society is claiming vast tracts of land as more parks.  The Indian populations that moved out of the highlands during the last civil war carried out by the Army, war operations, financed by the USA at the time, are now once again being displaced within the Peten.
  Our own Chiquibul and Colombia Reserves on the Western border with Guatemala are being despoiled of resources, by encroaching Guatemalans, seeking to make a living off the resources there. While our own Belize government dithers and is very slow to build a corridor of farms and villages along this remote Western frontier.  We are obviously going to lose this territory to de facto occupation and exploitation, if not later also by the IJC negotiations being carried out by the UDP government of Belize. POSSESSION is nine tenths the rule of law.  Unless we in Belize establish an active presence of settlers along this adjacency zone, the writing is on the wall in fire, that we will lose all this territory. It already seems a DONE DEAL by our political apathy.  Mestizo and Mayan indigenous population pressures from Guatemala will be exploding exponentially within a year, on our Western Border, while our politicians lack the intelligence to do anything about securing our land patrimony.  The bleeding heart environmentalists and forestry department can yell bloody murder all day long, but the choice is simple.  Occupy our Western border with 20 acre farm grants FAST, or lose it all over the next few years. If you can’t see that, you are really myopic as a port city town crowd. OCCUPATION is the only security for land tenure.
  A good article on this, can be found in the AMANDALA NEWSPAPER of Wednesday, August 28th, 2012. VERY GOOD AND TIMELY REPORTING, FOR BELIZE FOREIGN AFFAIRS.

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